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  1. Grandfathered 30k prim sim for sale!

    $209 tier is due on September 13th (can cover until October 13th should bids take longer).

    Bids must be within Second Life only. Bids must be in increments of 5,000 L$, and bids will be placed in priority of earliest delivery should bids match. Bidding ends after September 13th at 0200 PDT or 24 hours from last received bid, which ever is later.

    Send notecards and IM to Flame Swenholt (again, prices must be in L$).

    Sim has been cleared and is ready for its next owner.

    Buyer pays for transfer fees, which is $300 for Grandfathered sims. Bid value does not include transfer fees.

    Bid starts at 330,000 L$. Current bid will be updated over time.

  2. Okay, I have a even bigger problem: the numbers do not match up.

    On January 2019, the form claims ~$235, but the amount on the site says $225 (the amount needed for the sim payment). This trend seems to follow for all the months on the forms and in relationship to the receipts I can pull up (very well summarized at that) on the account summary.

    Is Linden Lab writing on the form based on L$ value BEFORE processing fees?! How the heck does that make sense?

  3. 8 minutes ago, Chic Aeon said:

    Again, Grumpity or Brent (think I got that although I don't know if he is still here) should answer this.  BUT.

    I can see that is an issue since you didn't KNOW you needed to keep track of that stuff ahead of time.  I can only tell you what the article said.  

    When you changed your linden dollars to USD they "became" real money under the new somewhat foggy law.   It doesn't matter if you  cashed out processing to Paypal, it was DOLLARS that you used to pay for things (in game).    So the new law on virtual money is treating anything changed into dollars as taxable.

    If you want to read more you can probably find information in this by looking up something like "taxes, virtual currency, and Fortnight" as it was Fortnight (think I have that correct) that was in the spotlight on this.


    Agreed, and in essence, that does make sense. However, last I checked, it was Linden Lab that did the charges for sim payments, so why there is no receipt of that at all if done internally within their system is a grave error on their part. It also makes running my sim, which is just for hanging out and not for profit, now even more questionable if I now have to operate as a mini company just to effectively own it (again, all earnings go to paying the sim and nothing else).

    EDIT: Found the solution: go to Account Summary, and you will be able to see all transactions involved, including sim payments. I will have to generate 12 PDFs, but I can get the results and thus a total of expenses.

  4. 1 hour ago, Polyester Partridge said:
    Please be advised that the IRS reporting requirements for Second Life are based on Lindex sells to your USD balance. 
    To receive one:
    * You must have had at least 200 transactions in the previous year, whose total value is equal to or greater than $20,000
    * Your gross proceeds from those transactions exceed the state's threshold (see below for variations by state)
    State thresholds:
    Arkansas (AR) - $2,500
    District of Columbia (DC) - $600
    Massachusetts (MA) - $600
    Mississippi (MS) - $600
    Missouri (MO) - $1,200
    New Jersey (NJ) - $1,000
    Vermont (VT) - $600
    All other states - $20k

    And that, right there, may be the culprit. I do fall in one of those states, and the amount earned is slightly above the state threshold.

    However, this still doesn't help with expense reporting, since Linden Lab doesn't notify me on sim payments last I checked, and thus I have no receipt except in their own system.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Chic Aeon said:

    Those expenses can all be taken off AS expenses in your Form C unless things have changed recently.  As I said in my post, the article I read left questions in MY mind.   I quit cashing out in August so no longer an issue for me. 

    Form 1099s have NEVER been about net profit. Somehow I think you are confused.    Even if the "new laws" about virtual currency are true and upheld --- legitimate expenses should be able to be claimed against that GROSS number.   

    Not an accountant but self employed most of my life. 

    Take a deep breath are REREAD.


    That is where things are going to get drastically difficult to follow: sim prices changed this year, and in my case, I paid strictly using the USD balance on my SL account, not via cash out and then repay that way (yes, some people do this).

    So my issue is... where are my receipts of the payments then for payments in their own system to report expenses against the gross amount of payment? On top of that, if I never cashed it out then why is it being reported? I only wish I could have cash out as much that Linden Lab/Tilia claims I did.

  6. Seriously? Then why isn't the number of payment transactions documented on the 1099-K? If that's the case, I'll have to seriously rethink our splitpay systems which operate on a daily function and even then, that's very misleading to not reflect that on the form.

    EDIT: And still, I haven't done a process of credits in a long while because the amount I earn isn't enough to pay for a sim and that's it. So i'm being taxed for imaginary money that hasn't even become USD?

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  7. My issue is that I got one... but I shouldn't have based on the following:


    What is a Form 1099-K? Why would I receive one from Linden Lab, and when?

    This form is used to report to the IRS the gross proceeds earned from L$ sales transactions in a calendar year. Linden Lab is required to file this form for US residents who reach certain transaction thresholds. For U.S. residents with 200 or more L$ sale transactions with a total amount of gross proceeds in excess of $20,000 in a calendar year, we are required to file a Form 1099-K with the IRS reporting those transactions for that year.

    Even if I combine my Tilia and Linden Research ones... I never hit $20,000 nor 200 transactions (not even a quarter of that). So now my issue is if I have the form... even though it NEVER hit enough to matter, does this even count? I just pay for my sims directly within LL/Tilia's system using the L$ proceeds from friends who contribute to the payment. If this is going to involve tax tangoing, I'll just take my services elsewhere (and in this day and age, there are plenty of other places now).

  8. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I've been using an Oculus on SL for awhile, and unless LL has some massive graphics engine overhaul that actually makes use of the hardware, bring the sick bag if you plan to jump in with the headset.

    The framerate is the issue. I didn't think it would be a big deal, but due to how inconsistant it is, it does get dizzying quickly, and since LL wants Advanced Lighting Mode turned on, good luck. I have a GTX980Ti Lightning Edition from MSI and unless I nerf my settings, getting anything above 45 frames a second is not doable, let alone letting the viewer render things TWICE for the Oculus.

  9. Disclaimer: Please no "This is Second Life, what do you expect" responses. They have plagued all other topics in relation to this and has more or less just not resolved the issue. Considering the advent of Virtual Reality technology, this is a fairly important subject.

    So, here we are again, the dreaded "Why does Second Life only use xx% of my GPU?" question, but this time with a good reason. I've been on Second Life for awhile now, and I can say this when I tried it with my Oculus Rift (via CtrlAltStudio): it changes everything. Clubs are more interesting, walking around houses are a whole new treat, and just overal attention to detail changes. I pretty much now actively log in with my Rift (DK2) and wonder around Second Life.

    The problem is that the frame rate is just horrid. My system is rocking a newly aquired MSI GTX980Ti Lightning Edition, given a gentle overclock. My CPU is an Intel i5-3570K overclocked to 3.6Ghz (I used to do 4.4 but my water cooler pump died so...), and I have 16GB of ram. I also have Second Life on my SSD raid array along with its cache. Despite all of this, I have to run on medium settings for even a simple 60 frames a second in a general area.

    "Oh, you wouldn't even know your frame rate unless you looked at it." I start to hear some keyboards type out. In a normal desktop envirnment, I'd hold an agreement with to a degree. However, the moment you jump into Virtual Reality, where the only thing in view IS the Second Life environment, that frame rate is VERY noticable. Anything lower than 30 FPS pretty much results in motion sickness after a long exposure to moving objects, at least in my experience. While I do get I am now asking the viewer to render things twice, the thing is that due to Second Life's age and overall lack of hardware usage, this is hardly an acceptable thing!

    I have already tried the "Have nVidia handle it" trick that most people link. I have tried setting Second Life's prioity to Very High, which nothing running in the background. No matter the case, Second Life refuses to use the hardware I give it, and with the VR craze happening right now, Second Life is missing out on a MAJOR chunk of this!

    While doing research on how to improve my overall Second Life experience, I have gone and optimized my own avatar, lowering its render weight while keeping my overall look. I now look at how well things are made and buy optimized goods and clothing. No matter my own actions, nothing will resolve the overall looming issue: Second Life is not truely using the hardware of the systems it runs on.

    So, my question is this: Why the heck have we put up with this for so long and not just dived in to fix this? While the quick settings thing is interesting, it's a bandaid over the REAL gushing issue.

  10. Just throwing my two cents in, but on a FRESH reinstall of Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, with latest drivers, simular specs (minus the 500G SSD, only have a 240GB on RAID 0 (4x55GB OCZ RevoDrive), and I get about 45 FPS with dips at 30-25 in crowded areas. I know that the GPU topic comes up time and time again, but I will say after upgrading from my GTX 680 Lightning to my GTX980Ti Lightning, just getting 15 more frames per second is... really disappointing.

    That being said, if you're ONLY frame rate is 15 FPS, there is something very wrong that I don't think is entirely on Second Life's part. if you have Afterburner or some kind of GPU monitor, check the GPU usages without Second Life running. If you see some kinds of usages with it off and nothing else running, there's something else happening.

  11. I am going to be logging in and checking it out, but so far from what I've read, you are giving avatar makers just another migraine to now deal with. I still remember the older ARC system and if that is anything to go by, I'm fearful as to how this will work. Rendering Complexity being a threshold for avatars to be seen can be detrimental to some communities, even if it is made as a toggable feature. If the client was smart about this and did proper calculations, then maybe. I'll know more when I actually try it.

    As for rendering settings, I think it's cool, but let's be honest and address the elephant in the room: the client needs the rendering engine to be fixed. We have AAA games being made rendering more complex things at higher framerates, some even multiplatform and cross-operating system, and yet Second Life is chugging behind. OpenGL can be very powerful, and while I don't know what is making the client so under powered, it should seriously be looked into. Quick Graphics is just a reenactment of the Black Knight scene from The Holy Grail.

  12. Title speaks for itself. Welp, does mean that my future ideas of streaming avatar developements is 100% not happening anymore. Somehow Second Life ranks with that of Sakura Spirit and Hatred, the later being an obvious reaction to why Twitch has pulled out the Adult Games ban.

    So if you do Twitch and you do SL, don't do the two at the same time within the stream's viewing, unless someone can talk some sense into Twitch.

    Source: http://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/articles/1992676-list-of-prohibited-games

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  13. Just throwing my two cents into the mix, but I actually liked SLGo for the convience that I could do my work on Second Life without having to carry my bulky, underpowered laptop. I could use the OTG support of my tablet to plug in a keyboard (which was part of the case) and I was able to effectively do even scripting work remotely with no issue. Heck, SLGo ran GREAT on my JXD S3400B since I was able to map the controls to the two analog sticks, mimicking the flight camera controls when I use it from time to time.

    To me, this is a real pain since my PC can handle SL just fine... but my laptop can barely keep up, and 'gaming' laptops are very pricy and are just inefficient in general. Back before my JXD came in, I was using a $50 Nobis NB09 tablet. The fact a cheap android tablet could run SLGo was a big deal and really made me continue using the service. The lack of SLGo won't exactly hinder my normal experiences, but it does ruin some future plans I had (For example, using SLGo as a 'controlled' benchmark for a typical SL Experience and wondering SL while traveling).

    I hope that LL can find another provider, since honestly SLGo was apperently good enough to offer In-World purchases, which was implented not too long ago if I recall.

  14. Is it me or am I the only one bugged by the transactions in Process Credit History being sorted in Ascending order? When I visit the page, I am typically looking for the most recent transactions, not my first ones from 2008. I haven't complained before but now it's really irratating me and I cannot be the only one with the same complaint. Is there any way to get the date order reversed or at least have the option to review the data in Descending order?

  15. How can you all be so blind? Linden Lab DIDN'T want to perform such a change, they were FORCED to.


    This is why there was no grace period. The rising popularity of BitCoin has caused that bill to come into play, and like as the Linden Dollar is a virtual currancy with a cash out option, it gets hit by the bill.

    I agree that LindeX's times are rediculous, as seen by the performances of the third party exchanges. I have mentioned in a post on another thread that Linden Lab should seriously consider making instant cash outs at the very least a feature to premium users. Let's all face it, most business owners own at least one estate (sim) at which minimally we pay $295 (lower if you are lucky and have a grandfathered sim). To pay $72 a year, or $6 a month, on top of the larger amount we pay wouldn't be that much of a big deal if we already have enough income to support the teir costs.

    I am not bashing down the 'trust' system, since I do agree that is also very good (we could also try applying that to other things like mesh uploads to really slow down game ripper activity as well without hurting the real creators), and I think we all agree that the speed of LindeX is the problem, in which I strongly hope Linden Lab comes up with some fix to this soon, or I see a grim future for Second Life.

  16. I rely on cash outs from Second Life to pay a good majority of my bills and to help with other every day expenses. LindeX's unreliability in timing is something I cannot, and will not, tolerate under any given circumstance. I have been using Virwox for several years now when I need the money immediately and with this update to the TOS, I am not pleased at all.

    Many companies do business outside of the main Second Life grid. This is a fact, much like many other real world companies doing business outside of their home countries. Virwox is a standing point between a good few grids that enabled simple conversions between the various currencies. While I have not used Virwox for cross grid commerce, I have used it for the one thing that is the topic of the post: Instant cash out.

    I find it hard for Linden Lab to not include this as a feature, even if it was made as a premium feature, which would mean more users being premium, and more money in their own pockets (which hey, since when does a company not want more money in their pockets?). I have, at times, been held back a solid month in a withdraw, and Virwox was there to help.

    So, to Linden Lab, I have to say this:

    If you want your users, be it residents who add to the money pool or to the creators who give reason for the money pool to exist, I'd suggest revising your Terms of Service and/or revising your own LindeX systems to be better beneficial to your users. The very users you are effecting may still use other services, despite being against the Terms of Service, due to the problems still in your own system. Instant cash out is a priority to many business owners, and if it was added as a premium feature, the number of premium accounts would rise and the positive feedback should rise accordingly. Until then, only expect the worse, because that is all the change will do.

  17. When I heard about an update to the interface, I was rather interested. Upon trying out the beta for CHUI, I actually found it interesting. I could bring up IMs, manage group chats better, and things seemed to flow a bit better. It was also fairly stable.

    But the public release with 'bug fixes' is the complete polar opposite.

    As a developer, crashing every 5 minutes is a harsh reminder that new things are followed by new bugs, but almost random crashes with trying to develop new things is beyond unacceptable. Why do I have stronger stability in the beta version of the publicly released viewer with bug fixes. Builders may relax with the knowledge that their goods will be where they last left it. Scriptors will just have to be in shame or learn to use external editors unless they enjoy retyping the same parts over and over again. Dealing with customers is now dancing with a crash that doesn't even leave behind a report (or even attempt to send it to the crash report servers, but then again that hasn't worked for over 2 years anyway).

    My question is this: Why is it that the beta viewer for CHUI was more stable than this public release? Above that, what on earth do we have to do to prevent these crashes?

    PC Specs: http://valid.canardpc.com/2770158

    Notes: No, my system is not running SLI. All monitors are plugged into just one card. The second is just a PhysX purposed card (when not doing PhysX, it will do Folding@Home work).

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