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  1. Thanks to the wonderous failure of losing my long comment, I'll just start from the beginning.

    I transfered from the Teen Grid in 2008. I am more than an adult, but a resident who was on the Teen Grid (proving I was under 18) and then came here (proving I just turned 18). I'm more adult verified than most of you would think. After coming here and establishing a business that has paid for my college expenses, seeing Second Life take a nose dive like this, something that insults how I got to the Main Grid, is more than a disapointment.

    However, let us all be reasonable; the Teen Grid has been a giant thorn in Second Life's system mechanics involving networking. Now that the only reason that this is even being done is over, let us begin with a now more summerized list of why this is not going to work:

    1) TEEN FREEBIES! No I'm not talking about the little cheap Linden Library Freebies. I'm talking about YOUR stuff being full permissions on the Teen Grid. That was a big issue on the Teen Grid during my residence, and from what I've heared from recent (and lucky) transferees, it's gotten only worse. Of course none of you would know since no one has taken a walk into there anyway. Well... Ok, perhaps I'm being a bit too harsh. Some Lindens have been to the Teen Grid, but they fired 90% of those people anyway so no wonder their opinions weren't really heard (or should I say 'Good words of advice')! If you need a fine example, just ask Luskwood or search up the Teen Grid Copybotting in Youtube.

    2) PARENTS! OH we can't have little Johny seeing nudity and talking with... Adults?! According to this wiki page (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Maturity), the Main Grid had the maturity listings renamed because "The main grid is 18 and over, so no "parental guidance" is necessary." Well aren't we a bit self contradicting?! So when mommy sees her son talking with another man, surely the police will get involved. What will happen then? The man will be in complete confusion! He was informed that the Main Grid was for 18 and older, and that surely if they are in the Main Grid, they must SURELY be an adult then! So if this case happened, and all the man said was "Hi", lawyers would be able to claim he was a pedophile from the start, when our poor friend Bob just wanted to ask what the other "man's" day was like. Oh what fun it is to be aware that we can have our own butts boiled because of lawsuits from this. Fun fun...

    3) BUSINESS! So what will happen with our advertisement systems? Last I checked, classifieds have always been visable in profiles, so what if a man wants to get to know the future audience (since he can now legally check without breaking TOS). A kid looks at his profile and... "OMG, HE SELLS WAT?!" Just another deal with reason 2 but now from a business stand point. So now do we have to change OUR advertisements and OUR Explainations and OUR tags just because YOU made a thing where little Sally and tiny Tim (we picked on Johny enough for one day) can come in and play? Think this over for the sake of our virtual economy!

    4) COPYBOTS! This is reason 1 but now here (just as reason 3 was reason 2 but as a sub reason). So now that the Teen Grid people do NOT need to fake information this time to get into shopping malls now, copybotting has only just become much easier. We all remember the Emerald incident and (oh wow, the classics) Neil Life. Sure we are saving ourselves some server migraines, but can we insert an extra step somewhere so we don't make it easier for Teens to further cause devistation when they get here (since they already have alot of OUR stuff over there anyway)!

    5) NO PUBLIC VALIDATION! This has been a MAJOR request since adult verification began: GIVE US A WAY TO SEE WHO HIS VERIFIED AND WHO IS NOT!!! Now that you are throwing teens into the melting pot, now we need to consider Teen Residents, Regular Residents, and Adult Verified Residents. Since we are on that topic, we might as well throw in TG xx Transfer Resident where xx is the year of transfer (so we can spot the ones who transferred from this event or from previously like myself and many others who deserve ALOT of credit). Some adults would like to know who they are talking to so they don't get mommy or daddy upset (or disguisted).

    The bottom line is that you haven't thought this through well enough and this is goign to end in a fireball. This has been something the Teen Grid people have been wanting for awhile (I was one of them), but now that I am here, I see why everyone is so freaked out! You haven't even perfected transfers, more or less what you are dealing with over here with current features! To add insult to injury, last I checked, the only reason Teen Grid residents didn't have a first life profile is because you blocked it out via a viewer side check of "if(GRID_IS_TEEN)" (or something like that). I am not kidding. The same applied to the under clothing (though we easily went past that with view admin options; furries dont' wear underpants all the time...).

    Fix the first set of problems before you go ahead and make a big, brand, new one!

    -The rather annoyed Therion,


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