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  1. When I start up my Dolphin Viewer for Second Life it says; "Error Can't make GL context" Then it offically crashes. The Viewer window never even opens. I've tried my Dolphine Viewer, SL2 Viewer, and Ascent Viewer; they all do the same thing. Is something suddenly wrong with my computer? :(
  2. Take away the sidebar, change the black interface to something more calm and easy on the eyes, have many options on the bottom like dolphin viewer, change the 'loading yourself' solid white oval into a soft cloud, add an Advanced menu, make Preferences more in depth, TRY to not be so "we wanna make the best high-tech looking viewer EVER" and toss the whole viewer in the air to scramble up the interface (Viewer 2), toss away the notices on the bottom right that tell you every time when you receive an item or when something happens (and you have to click the 'X' to get rid of everyone of them)
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