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  1. I see we have not let this one die! It makes me happy. 😃
  2. Not a comprehensive list, but this is what comes to mind for now.
  3. Oh, hello, Forum Cartelites! I had to go back to page 26 in that Flickr group pool to find a pic of me at a Cartel event. As for voice, I rarely use it. It compromises immersion.
  4. While on the scale of the SL economy $L10 can go a lot farther than a nickel, it does seem a bit parsimonious--not because I don't appreciate it, but because they made such a big deal of it, with the e-mail, the blog post, etc. Building up an expectation like that, with the requirement that recipients log in within a certain period, makes it more obviously a ploy to boost login stats than any real gesture of appreciation. That's my two cents anyway--or five lindens, if you prefer.
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