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  1. To troubleshoot - if your mesh is made up of multiple parts you could separate the parts and export each part 1 at a time. If everything uploads but one of the parts then you can at least narrow down what Part is giving the error.
  2. - Make sure your mesh has UVs created -Try exporting the dae in polys (not tris) and letting SL do the tri conversion (or exporting in tris if your using polys). - If your mesh is really poly dense try reducing some of the edge loops. -Make sure you have removed or deleted histories.
  3. Looking to Rent or sell a 30k Land Impact Sim. I will split the 600 USD transfer fee with you. So total price is 1000USD (not including any name change fees). Tire is due the 26th of the month. Sim must be renamed and moved off of my region. Please contact me in world if you are interested there is a few more details I would need to talk about before the final sale. If you are interested in renting see my post in the Full Region Rental Forum for details. Thanks, Kehl Razor
  4. I am in the process of consolidating my region for mainstores only. This leaves me with an extra sim at the moment I am not sure i want to fully sell yet. If you are a mainstore looking for a region please contact me in world - Kehl Razor. I would consider renting to someone who would like to use the sim for residential or clubs but they would need to be up in the air somewhere. Currently the region is 30k prims but can be downsized if you would like. Cost is 30USD to downsize the prim count to 20k. Sims name can be changed at your cost. Payment must be made by the month - no split payments. cost is 250USD per month for 30k Prims. 220USD a month for 20k prims. No long term Commitment required, we can just see how it goes by the month. If you have questions or would like to explore different options or situations please msg me. Thanks, Kehl Razor
  5. Alright LL, I was getting worried there for a min with all this new VR stuff in the news... Like it was ready to be the War of the Virtual Worlds and we were on the verge of new ones launching with new technology leaving SL in the dust. TY for announcing the viewer and knowing how important that it is you make - and seeing the bigger picture. Makes me feel 100xs more secure about staying and making a living on here. What are the chances the development will get turbo streamlined and the viewer will be ready in the next 90 days? :smileylol:
  6. I agree Kwakkelde - I really really want a deformer in the standard viewer. I wish it would of been released when mesh was released. But I also am not on the back side of LL seeing what goes on behind the scenes. So I can't really say in protest they are just being jerks and not releasing it for no good reason. I think and have heard of many things that are coming down the pipleline as far as building in SL goes and I think its great. I think the deformer will be one of those things - it is just the natural evolution of the game (as certain 3rd party viewers already have things like that). Yes, I know we all want things fast - or in some cases think they should of come with the release of things like rigged mesh - but life is awesome like that sometimes. But I def agree - that i would like to hear from LL end why they aren't releasing it yet - or what their plans are before I spend much time raging about it.
  7. I just got 26k in refunds so someone is working on it. Thanks
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