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  1. Thanks Ella


    I was as simple as moving the view to my primary monitor.  I am running on a laptop with larger screen as secondary.


    Thanks again, Tarnok

  2. Cinn

    I had the same idea about a alt account, but had the same effect.

    As far as the ticket, where can I open a support ticket.  I tryed that first, and because I do not have a premimum account, I got an email stating  "Unfortunately, the ticket type you requested is not available to Residents with Basic accounts or Guest access. We wish we could offer full support to Basic account holders and Guests, but there are just too many of you and too few of us. We apologize for the inconvenience. "

    Thanks Tarnok

  3. I have tryed several different sets of eyes, skins and hair.  I even tryed useing the default sets and ones that I know was working on a friends avatar.




  4. At the suggestion of a friend last night I did try Emerald View.  For others viewing my Avatar, the effect was the same.  But on my screen my body is a black ghost.    All other invisible parts like shirt and pants are still invisible.



  5. Cinn

    You are very patiant thanks.


    I tryied the Test Male.  When it started to rebake, it gave a gray ghost body for a short period; then when it finished rezzing I was back to hair and shoes.

  6. I had already tryed the VBO and Hardware Skinning.  It was late last night and it skipped my minded.

    I watch the video of the Alpha Mask and because my Avatar looks exactly like the one in the video with all the boxes check, I though maybe we had found it, but no.  I do not have any Alpha Mask on.  I did try putting one on then taking it off just to see, but that did not work either.

  7. After a long absents for SL.  I just upgraded to SL 2.0.  Now when I log into SL most of my avatar does not rezz, not only can I not see my Avatar nor can anyone else.  The only thing that shows up is hair, eyes, jacket and my boots.  I do not have any skin, pants, body shape ect.   Below are some of the thing I have already tried.

    1. I have tried several different skins and outfits that a friend gave me to see if it was a problem with my outfits.

    2. Setting Drawing Distance slider to the left and teh Mesh Details slider to low.

    3. Made sure the Avatar Impostors is checked.

    4. Opening Appearance and Closing with out saving.

    5. Trying Default outfits.

    6. Setting the "renderUnloadedAvatar" to true in the Debug Settings.

    7. Updating my video drivers.

    I am lost can anyone help

    Thank You,

    Tarnok McBride

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