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  1. Charolotte Caxton wrote: Wow! I hope your book gets published soon! Am anticipating a wonderful read! Aw, thank you very much, Charolotte!
  2. You can do an in-world search for "roleplay" and that will bring up a lot of diverse types of rp sims from which to choose. If you happen to be interested in the late 19th century western USA, here are a few suggestions for you: Tombstone, Road to Deadwood, or Amiville Colorado. You can search inworld under any of those three names and you'll find the SLURL to get you there. All three of these are non-sexual sims, and the players have a great time interacting with one another through clever stories, day-to-day life situation, and whatever your imagination can dream up. I play regularly in Tombstone, so feel free to look me up there. Good luck!
  3. Regardless of the official group titles, most rp sims require you to learn the other players' titles through rp anyway, not just reading a tag above their heads. So, even with only a limited number of group titles, effective rp can still occur.
  4. Hi Smoke, I rp in Tombstone, too. Maybe our paths will cross one day. I think the best way to rp a family there is to rp meeting a nice young gal, courting her, getting married, having children....all part of the day-to-day life like it was in 1899. Good luck to you!
  5. I've been rp'ing in the western sim of Tombstone for about a year now. Yes, there is drama sometimes, which cannot be avoided when you have different personalities coming together. But overall, our admins try their best to resolve the drama whenever it does happen. Overall, it seems that most of the players in Tombstone enjoy being there, like I do, and we do our best to practice good rp, good manners, and just have a good time. Give us a try sometime.
  6. Faith Avalira is a kind-hearted and spirited, yet vulnerable, young woman who lives in Bisbee, Arizona, in 1899. Below are portions of her diary. Arrival at Tombstone. I traveled west for several months with my parents, Raymond and Kate Avalira, to forge a new life out west. My parents became ill during the journey and both died just short of reaching Tombstone. After giving them a decent burial with the aid of the kind wagon master, I continued on. At age 24, I am now alone, as I do not have any family in these parts. While the money left me by my parents was quite enough to permit me to return to New Orleans, it would have been awkward for me to do so. Not only was I willing to accompany my parents to this strange new territory, but I was also very much obliged to escape my former fiancé, Mister Jackson Browning. I have met many kind people in these parts, but I have also witnessed more violence at the hand of vicious outlaws here than I have seen in my entire life. But I am resolved to remain in the Arizona territory and adapt to its culture and climate, no matter how difficult a task that may seem. ~ Employment. I have been educated by private tutor, and, like my father, I am an avid reader and prolific writer. Money is often scarce in this vocation, although the grandparents of my former fiancé—the renowned Brownings—had made a good life of it. I have secured a position as a reporter for The Tombstone Epitaph. To occupy my time, in addition to writing articles for the newspaper, I maintain a journal of my new life here, and I am pouring my soul into a book that I hope will one day be published. ~ Tombstone Ladies Society. I am interested in the advancement and progress of women everywhere. I inquired about the Tombstone Ladies Society shortly after I arrived in the Arizona territory. It had become defunct, but with the assistance of many forward-thinking ladies in these parts we have now revived it. I have served as the president of the Ladies Society for some months now, and it is quite a challenge. Fortunately, Arizona is a fairly progressive territory and promotes the advancement of women. And I have many fine ladies who are working with me toward our cause of widening our role from solely caretakers of the home to caretakers of society for the betterment of our communities and toward gaining a new independence and freedom, asserting our right to be involved in government. ~ Murderous Outlaws. I have had the unfortunate fate of being the only living witness to the murder in Benson last year of two esteemed Pinkerton detectives at the hand of several members of the notorious outlaw gang, the Sparrows. I was released that day in exchange for medical treatment of two men in the gang who were injured in the melee. But that was not the last I was to hear of them. Seeking revenge for my testimony given to the law in Benson and Tombstone, two of the outlaws in the gang kidnapped and held me captive at their secret hideout without food or water--only the vile whiskey I was forced to drink. One of the Pinkerton detectives arranged for my release, and I am indebted to him for saving my life. ~ Suitors. I have had my share of suitors in New Orleans before coming out west, one of whom offered a proposal of marriage, which I had accepted. Jackson Browning, a grandson of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, had been an excellent choice for a husband, a gentleman, or so it had seemed. But upon learning of his unfaithfulness during our courtship (apparently following in his father’s footsteps, it was later discovered), I had no choice but to end the engagement. It became a relief, however, because he had grown cold over the months of our engagement and did not treat me with the love and respect I longed for. He has come to Tombstone to compel me to return with him to New Orleans, but I am resolved to remain here. He is a very persuasive man, accustomed to having his way, but I shall muster all the courage I possess to stand up for myself. Because of this heart-breaking experience, I remain somewhat suspicious of men and plan to never marry. ~ If you're ever in SL Tombstone or Bisbee, look me up.
  7. Thank you all for your help. I upgraded to a premium account today and got my first Linden home. It's very nice--except for the pool (which you can't take a dip in, as it is for show only), and the neighbood looks like a subdivision of tract homes (no beach in sight). But, hey, it give me a place to relax and to entertain, so I'm happy. Thanks, again.
  8. Not sure this is the right forum, but i didn't see any other that would be appropriate. I am wondering what you all think of the Linden Homes. Right now I have been enjoying SL with a free basic account, but I am considering "putting down roots" and getting a place I can call my own. But I have a few questions for those of you who have, or have had, a Linden home with a premium account: -Are the homes as nice as they look in the pics? -Do you get to choose your parcel on any sim? -Is the parcel rental included in the price of a premium account if it is limited to 512 SM? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for your replies, and the answer was as I had suspected. Yes, if he does plan to continue inworld, I will encourage him to get his cc info on his account. I was just helping him because he came in specifically to rp with me at my request, so I sorta felt reponsible to get him ready for the role. Have a great day!
  10. Jo Yardley wrote: As I spend all my time in my berlin sim I am almost always in RP, but because my avatar is pretty much like I am in RL it isn't much of an effort. Sometimes we go off topic to discuss current or historical subjects during our daily Happy Hour and of course sometimes tenants need help with something technical. But besides that it is the 1920s for me full time. Other than the rp in Tombstone being set in 1899, my character is pretty much like I am in rl, so I understand what you're saying Jo. It makes my rp easier and more enjoyable to allow my personality and vocation to guide my character.
  11. Nearly 99% of my time is spent in roleplay in Tombstone, and when I am not involved in rp I am usually greeting in the Tombstone Welcome Center, helping new rp'ers. I think I like greeting as much as I like rp'ing.
  12. Hi all, I recently invited a friend of mine in RL to join SL and rp with me, and I started him off by paying him a few Lindens so he could buy clothes, etc. (he's not sure he is going to stay in SL, so he hasn't not entered his payment info for his account yet). I have always paid other avatars in-world. I want to give my friend a few more Lindens and was wondering if there is a way to do that on the SL website through my account transctions rather than going in-world. Does anyone know if that is possible? Just curious. Thanks!
  13. Why don't you just use the Display Name feature? That way you can choose any first name and any last name.
  14. I wear Damselfly hair....same color, but many different styles. Damselfly is very realistic looking, and there is a wide array of styles and colors, although I keep primarily with one color because of my roleplay character in Tombstone.
  15. I roleplay in the best Wild West sim in all of SL: Tombstone, Arizona! The setting is 1899, and there are many fun and exciting roles you can play.....law-abiding citizen, the law, outlaw, banker, rancher, barkeep....to name a few. If you've got an imagination and your avi is over 14 days old, come join us in Tombstone!
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