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  1. I totally agree!  And I know what it's like to be a wallfower at times.  i'm a little more outgoing now, but sometimes I can still get really freaked out when I try to make friends.  I'm such a social wuss! lol  

    Anyways, it was great reading your post.  Brightened my day!

  2. Hello~

    I'm the owner and main (only) artist for a new store called L'esprit.  I started making clothing about half a year ago and, after a bit of bad luck the first few times, have finally opened a small shop for my creations.  

    To commemorate this opening, I'm holding a photography contest through the end of July with L$500 and free stuff as prizes!  

    I started this store with the hopes of creating high-quality fashions with low prices.  It is definitely a place that caters to new residents, people with shallow pockets...or even just women who like clothing. :)

    At any rate, feel free to drop by and take a look at my stuff!  We have a few freebies and dollarbies, dresses around L$25, eyes at L$5, and MUCH more in the works.


    And make sure to say hi if you see me there!  I love to chat!


    Much love!

    ~Ophelia Falodir

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