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  1. Sorry to be confusing, it wasn't me that got the double payment.
  2. Did anyone get double stipend payments this week? I did not, but I heard some people did.
  3. Just curious, do we know any stats on Linden Research revenues and where they come from? Specific or general? - premium account fees - land fees - sale of L$ (I assume they take a cut from that, but don't know forsure) - transaction activity (I assume they take a cut from that, but don't know for sure)
  4. Certainly, the investors want a return on their investment. Expect them to try to get it from us, or from whomever they sell Linden Research to in the future (in whole or in disassembled parts). Hopefully just the former; ideally not the latter... likely, ultimately some combination of the two.
  5. Here's the two new board members in the top two pictures... The picture beneath may be the SL user base assuming the position and getting ready to take the hit...
  6. There really is no privacy in SL. If people look through your windows or onto your land, what they see is on them, IMO. Unless it rises to the level of criminal activity. @Pussycat Catnap, if it was me, I wouldn't worry about the pictures unless someone complains; then I'd weigh possible responses.
  7. Just picked up another trailer. Funny, Bellisseria was not the first item in the drop down; I had to click down to see it there.
  8. Ah. Belliserria appeared at the top for me in the past. But now I do notice the list is not alphabetical, as Elderglen is out of place in that regard. Ugh.
  9. I just do manual... can't get into it so much that auto-refresh is necessary. When you say check the dropdown... Belliserria should be right there, yes? No need to drop down, per se, as it is the first option alphabetically (when available)
  10. Does clearing browser cache help? I haven't seen anything when I refresh for several days of trying...
  11. Yeah, pretty clear there's no discernable pattern from the list of past release times. So, refresh away, it is...
  12. Just curious... anyone have a log of release dates/times and type of house...? Might give clues to the future. Or maybe not.
  13. Well, I finally got a trailer yesterday, thanks to a heads up from a good friend, and perhaps, fortunate timing... in the Sheldon region or area or whatever. So, I'll cease my complaining. Thanks for bearing with my frustration.
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