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  1. Yeah those are some of the first things that pop up when you google this problem sadly, and I've tried them over and over One thing I forgot to note is - when I do that, it lets me boot up the viewer and log in. However, after I log out, if I try to get back on later or the next day without doing that first, the problem continues and I just crash at Initiallizng VFS over and over and over. So I'm stuck in an endless loop where I have to constantly delete those folders and files. So I'm now thoroughly confused. :c
  2. So I've tried different viewers. I've tried completely uninstalling and doing a completely clean re-install of said viewers. I updated my graphics drivers with the latest ones found on the manufacturer's website. I've done a scan of my PC with Malwarebytes, Windows Defender - I have rebooted about a hundred times. I've tried the trick with going into the Local and AppData folders under C > Users > and deleting the data.db2.x etc files. It worked maybe twice? I was able to get back in briefly on both the Firestorm and Kouka 3rd party viewers but after log out, I could no longer get back i
  3. That's fantastic! Thank you so much for the help, this definitely is great news and I'll be excited to let my friend know the hair exists now. =)
  4. Thanks Dres, I plan on doing that too but I figured I would give my hand a go at the forum here, since you never expect who might know something!
  5. Ohh, huh. That is a possibility I hadn't considered. If it is, then darn cause it's way too cute not to be a real thing!
  6. Hey folks! Hope everyone is having a lovely day! I was out shopping today at Pink Fuel Skins with a friend, since we were looking at new skins and what-have you. So we both spotted a certain hairstyle a model was sporting and wondered if anyone could figure out what it was and where to find it! It isn't Truth, which is my personal goto for hair, and the shops local to PF didn't have any hair. Theres no style card or anything that tells us what it is and we're hopeful someone has a good eye/memory. ;)
  7. I love shopping for skins or whole new avatars and usually collect demos from a whole bunch and then determine what I like best and what really works with the other components I have picked out already (if I'm not starting with the skin at least) So shop around and find your favorites. I've fallen in love with [Pink Fuel] and while they have a small selection on the MP, you'll get an idea of what kind of skins they make. Very very afforable, lovely skins. But everyone else has given great advice. Shop shop shop until you find the one you love the most and make sure you -really- like it befo
  8. I don't know if you're still looking, but I get my skins (for main and two alts) from Pink Fuel and they're rather fairly priced at that, but that's likely because you're only paying for one makeup option, just freck, non-freck and the shades of brows/base hair) Pink Fuel has some really lovely skins, not TOO sure if they're exactly what you're looking for but I adore them and think they're very natural, and I'm super picky about putting avatars together. If you've already found something, then that's great, but I thought I would still share. You would be better off visiting them In World
  9. Okay so I downloaded the 2.6.2 release just to see if there was a problem with 6.3 but even that one won't log me in. D:
  10. Oh, I know - I always give myself enough time in between checking accounts. The problem was ocurring before I thought to check my alt. I tried retyping my information multiple times. I downloaded the Restrained Love viewer, the one based on the new main viewer and that wouldn't log me in either. SO I'm not sure what's up but it's definitely the new viewer. Thanks for trying though, sadly I wish it was just an error of logging in too fast with separate accounts.
  11. First, let me state that I did search both these forums, the knowledge base and just did a general Google search before making a thread about my issue. Also - I have no posts in this NEW forum but I am by no means "new" myself. I just never have a reason to post in the forums. I'm running on a Mac OSX 10.5.8 and trying to log in using Viewer 2.6.3 but every time I do so, it gives me the "Incorrect User/Password" error. I've tried this on multiple accounts and double, even triple checked my password. Hell, I reset my password on this account for good measure. However, I
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