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  1. Hi Aethelwine, I agree with you, the Sailstice I think is the event of the year, for the world of sailing in Second Life. I met Pelagia right there, and she introduced me to her project, which immediately convinced me. A story that I wanted to write.
  2. Well, Garnet you actually point out a problem. However, I must say that this is not an advertisement, these are interviews. First of all the contents are released under a creative commons license, I do not receive any compensation from those I interview, I am not affiliated with anyone and I do not perform any paid editorial activity. Of course, what you say is true: this is a discussion group, and mine is not a question, it is an interview. But how it's possible to share here as well as in Facebook and other communities, what I write, I wouldn't know how to do differently. What I can say is that I like to tell the stories of the people who live and work in Inworld, and I like to share them and hear what people think. Thank you for your critique though, all sensibilities should be discussed.
  3. Choosing was difficult. As always in the cases of creative contest winners, the choices are a summary and a compromise. A summary of the quality and expertise of all the photographers in the contest that have fought on equal terms. A compromise, because the criteria by which we judged the winning works and photographers have been many, not only the personal taste. I personally loved so many shots that made my job as a judge and selector difficult. All photographers deserve applause, and all have a place of honor in my ideal photo gallery. And so it will be in "The Gentle Breath of Script" Catalog, which we're going to put together this summer with all the photos on display that will be available in the marketplace and in the first room of the exhibit in Havna Bay. We are also working on a web version, and... I stop, I don't want to add anything else, it will be a surprise. In September we will resume the organization of other events, contests, and exhibitions of the best photographers and not only. I invite you to directly see the works of the winners in Havna Bay thank you again to all participants and I hope to see you soon participating in our next initiatives. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Havna/115/90/26 ------------------->> Winner<<--------------------- WILDSTAR BEAUMONT title: the Crow's Nest. 2015-1 category: Ports and sea towns BRUTUSLIONHEART9 title People 2020-1 category People of the sea DEAN HAYSTACK title: EEP Guardian Windlight category: Sails and sailboats KITTEN MILLS title: Ushuaia + Bandit 60 (no racing category: Regattas and races
  4. #CLOUD9 #FIJIFloatingBar is a place to remember. Not only because it is fabulous, but because it is a place born from the desire to give shape to a dream, the dream of Pelagia Knosos (Malifax) that is now also part of my dream and that of the many virtual navigators in #SecondLife whose routes cross Cloud 9. The most beautiful experience in a virtual world is sharing dreams? Let's read his interview... And leave a comment if you like it. ---------->> GO TO INTERVIEW
  5. The Gentle Breath of Scripts - Sea Memories of Lives and Legends is a photography exhibition of virtual sailing ships, sailors and places. SUBMISSION DEADLINE: June 13, 2021 EXHIBITION: June 19 – 30, 2021 The sea, whether real or virtual, is a source of inspiration. The Gentle Breath of Scripts is a photographic tribute to all Second Life sailors, sailing clubs, marinas, boatwrights and creators, and regatta organizers who have made the sea of Second Life an example of collaboration and governance toward a common good, in the name of passion for the sea, its rules, its values. The photo exhibition will be set up in Second Norway, at Havna harbor. The works presented in The Gentle Breath of Scripts will not all be gathered in one building, but will be distributed in a path that will introduce you to a hospitable and beautiful island. The Gentle Breath of Scripts is a SS in SL project of Sarah Ann Sailing in Partnership with Austin Liam of Manufactory and Second Norway. **************************************************** THE PROGRAM **************************************************** EXHIBITION June 19 - 30, 2021 To Blake Sea http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Havna/115/90/26 CONCERT June 19th, 1PM SLT Starring: Eddie Santillo June 30th - 1PM SLT Starring: Putri Solo http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Havna/198/216/22 MEETING June 20, 12 Noon SLT The History of Second Life Sailing moderator: Marktwain Withe http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Svalbard/226/166/23 **************************************************** THE RULE of CONTEST -CALL TO ACTION **************************************************** TO BLAKE SEA- A photo exhibition of virtual sailing ships, sailors and places. SUBMISSION DEADLINE: June 13, 2021 EXHIBITION: June 19 - 30, 2021 TOTAL REWARD: 10,000 L$ TO BLAKE SEA is a Photo Contest for THE GENTLE BREATH OF SCRIPTS Exhibition in Second Norway ||| Summer Sailstice 2021 **************************************************** CALL TO ACTION **************************************************** To Blake Sea Exhibition opens on June 19, the date of Summer Sailstice in Second Life, the biggest sailing event of the year! We hope you will participate in this great day by submitting your best photographs! Read the rules, send us your photos and win the prize of 10k Lindens for the best photos of the exhibition. TO BLAKE SEA is a Photo Contest for THE GENTLE BREATH OF SCRIPTS Exhibition in Second Norway ||| Summer Sailstice 2021 **************************************************** THEMES The contest and exhibition are divided into these Themes: **************************************************** Sails and sailboats Photos of sailboats, every size, every type, in every situation. including windsurfs and kitesurfs. Best Photography Award: L$2,500 Ports and sea towns Photos of ports, bays, towns, villages overlooking the sea Best Photography Award: L$2,500 Regattas and races Photos of competitions of all types of sailing boats including windsurfing and kitesurfing) Best Photography Award: L$2,500 People of the sea Portraits and photos where the person is the subject. Best Photography Award: L$2,500 Prizes and photo selection are at the sole discretion of the organizers, whose decisions are final. **************************************************** *NON-EXCLUSIVE IMAGE LICENSING AGREEMENT* **************************************************** BY SUBMITTING YOUR WORKS, YOU HEREBY GRANT US A NON-EXCLUSIVE, NON-COMPENSORY LICENSE TO PUBLISH YOUR WORKS. THIS INCLUDES (and is not limited to) DISPLAYING THEM IN OUR EXHIBITION GALLERY IN SECOND LIFE, ARCHIVING THE IMAGES FOR SAFEKEEPING, AND PUBLISHING THEM ONLINE. OUR RIGHTS SPECIFICALLY DO NOT INCLUDE ANYTHING INVOLVING SALE, RENTAL OR ANY OTHER PAYMENT FOR VIEWING OR YOUR IMAGES." ALL ARTISTS RETAIN THE COPYRIGHTS TO ANY WORK SUBMITTED. By submitting your works, you're giving us permission to: a.) Display them in the Second Life Gallery, during or after the June 2021 Exhibition. b.) Archive the images inworld (e.g., inside Second Life) c.) Publish your images for public viewing on our website (or a service provider such as Flickr) without compensation. Since this is a non-exclusive agreement, and because you keep the copyrights to your work, you may put them in other galleries and publish them in elsewhere, without limitation. **************************************************** HOW TO ENTER **************************************************** How many photos can I submit? From 1 to 5 images numbered 1-5, from ANY ONE YEAR. (You submit as many years as you like, but only 5 images per year total across all categories. What size photo may I submit? The optimal size is 1280 x 1040, but any size is OK. What is the deadline? You MUST send your photos to us as detailed below by 2359 SLT on 13 June 2021. How do I submit my photos? There are TWO WAYS to submit your photos, either inworld or by EMail. INWORLD: 1 Create a FOLDER in your Inventory, named with YOUR AVATAR NAME. Example: Joe Avatar 2 If you are entering photos from multiple years, create a new folder with the YEAR as its name under your main folder. Examples: 2021 2020 2019 3 Copy/Paste your photos into these folders. 4 NAME each photo with your AVATAR NAME, YEAR and a NUMBER. Example: Joe Avatar 2020 1 5 CONFIRM that EVERY PHOTO has COPY permission. (Full perm is requested but not mandatory.) 6 If possible, add a Notecard to the main folder with information about your photos. Any information will be used for credits and captioning to make our exhbition more interesting. 7 Transfer the folder to our avatar BlakeSeaHistorian.   BY EMAIL: 1 On your computer, NAME each photo with your AVATAR NAME, YEAR and a NUMBER. Example: Joe Avatar 2020 1.png (.jpg images are also acceptable) 2 If possible, add a AvatarName.txt file with information about your photos. Any information will be used for credits and captioning to make our exhbition more interesting. Example: JoeAvatar.txt 3 Email the files to blakeseahistorian@sailvirtual.com WHAT IF I HAVE QUESTIONS? Email us at blakeseahistorian@sailvirtual.com . (Inworld messages could be capped and not received.)
  6. The inhabitants of Inworld are a people of Artists, Navigators and (cultural) mutants. This is the interview I did to Diamonte, intergalactic smuggler and operative in GTFO the most intriguing roleplay of all Second Life. Read here the post by Diamonte
  7. Dale Irata, like the different people interviewed in this series dedicated to the Blake Sea, is gifted with a predisposition to the imagination, necessary to have a vision of opportunities and organizational skills. Characteristics that distinguish entrepreneurs and that generally do not believe to be essential in a virtual world. Yet inreal, inworld, the two sides of the mirror are not only close and communicating, but are and will always be more and more parts of the same reality. Dale’s work has gone in this direction, the creation of the virtual Summer Sailstice in Second Life is an example of this path, today that the pandemic acted as an accelerator, but was already a reality. I admire Dale’s work and however small my contribution may be, I will try to help him in his endeavor. Even with an interview. Read here the post by Dale
  8. Second Life is a fascinating world, which allows anyone to travel to fantastic places and discover cities, islands, entire continents traveling by any means: trains, cars, planes, ships. The pleasure of discovery and travel is the basis of GTFO! A logistics and exploration game for SecondLife that counts hundreds of players - enthusiastic transporters. DeNasty Tigerpaw the lead moderator of the GTFO community tells us his experience, but he also lets us know the players' experience, what are their interests and preferences by bringing us the data of an original survey conducted for this interview, absolutely not to be missed to understand the fascination of "slow" travel in Second Life. "Creating stories around the world helps to make a place more memorable," says DeNasty, and we agree. Read here the post by DeNasty
  9. Ciao Liv, sono molto d'accordo con Robert67, la barca permette una tranquillità nel passaggio fra le SIM che un aereo non ha. Nel Mare di Blake dove ho casa (precisamente a Second Norway) devo dire che il passaggio per una barca a vela o un normale yacht è praticamente indolore. In atto c'è un progetto dove è stato clonato il mare di Blake nei nuovi server cloud di second life. Questo test in Aditi sta dando buoni frutti, anche per gli aerei, Qui trovi l'articolo di Inara Pay BLAKE SEA IN THE CLOUD ON ADITI qui trovi il forum con i test
  10. How can an imaginary sea become a place of professionalism, a market full of opportunities, a place to live? These are the first three interviews with men and women who are making the history of Blake's sea. The next posts will be published in this topic. If you are interested, click on the follow button The Bald Elf Ey Ren is one of the adventurous Second Life residents who experienced the phase of the first expansion of the Blake Sea. Like many pioneers he set out on his adventure without a precise purpose, working day by day with passion he built his goal in the company of his community. Ey Ren: Blake Sea History #3 I knew the sea of Blake from Jacqueline’s boats. I fell in love with the sea in Second Life by browsing her blog, discovering her boats, testing them at sea. Jacqueline Trudeau: Blake Sea History #2 Vanity Bonetto, founder and CEO of Luxory ad Willowdale Estate and now also of Second Norway, a forward-thinking Berlin girl who in twelve years (she’s been in SL since 2007) has grown Luxory from a small property to one of Second Life’s leading real estate operators with hundreds of regions and thousands of residents. Vanity Bonetto: Blake Sea History #1
  11. con un nuovo profilo, nuovo nome e pass, sei come nuova. devi farti riconoscere come amica e rimandare a tutti un invito.
  12. ciao Zievatron iniziamo col dire che gli avatar non si comprano, si "indossano". L'avatar è formato da tanti strati, ad esempio la pelle, il volto, i capelli, i tatuaggi, gli abiti... e via così Quello che hai comprato è in un box, è una scatola contenente diciamo i file che simulano uno di questi componenti. Per aprire il box devi cliccarci sopra, e dal menù scegli "apri". Ti comparirà una lista di oggetti e un tasto per copiare i contenuti nella tua inventory, Poi segui le istruzioni che vi troverai al suo interno, ma ti consiglio di andare a vedere qualche tutorial, perché non è molto facile crearsi un avatar. Io me lo sono fatto fare. Buona fortuna!
  13. Ciao Zievatron, direi che hai diverse speranze. Probabilmente sei partito con delle aspettative che non corrispondono a quello che puoi fare, probabilmente non guardi dove devi guardare. Comunque la cosa migliore è, se vuoi, sentirci. qui è difficile raccontare qualcosa. cerca Stex Auer, sono io. PS. Non è un problema di viewer.
  14. Ci sono giocatori italiani di GTFO che vogliono organizzarsi in una community? io non ne conosco, qualcuno sa indicarmi se esiste o se c'è qualcuno con cui costituirla?
  15. Grazie di sicuro vengo a trovarvi, c'è un momento particolare in cui farlo? Fatemi avere un LM per raggiungervi!
  16. dovresti trovarli nel tuo profilo della dashboard https://secondlife.com/my/?lang=it-IT che vedi quando ti sei loggato con user e pass.
  17. Ciao Robert Ti risponderò meglio appena torni dalle vacanze. Giusto per darti qualche info su di me, sono dal 2008 in SL, e ho avuto la fortuna di vivere il periodo pionieristico e di seconda colonizzazione della Second life italiana, un momento culturalmente e professionalmente molto intenso. Chiuso quel capitolo, mi sono allontanato per riprenderlo da poco, per proseguire questa esperienza. A proposito, ho viso l'iniziativa Made in Second life (mi ricordo che anni fa esisteva un gruppo in Linkedin con lo stesso nome) e l'idea di fare un progetto cybergeografico potrebbe essere un buono spunto per partecipare. E il volo potrebbe essere uno spunto interessante (una specie di Phileas Fogg Project...) da presentare...
  18. Intanto ringrazio per la disponibilità. Sicuramente vengo per fare una prima esperienza di volo, devo dire che simulare il volo in SL, ma tutta la mobilità la trovo molto stimolante. E' vero, basta un click per un teletrasporto. Ma questo è andare da A a B nel modo più veloce, ma non è detto sia il migliore. Come ti ho detto sono un camminatore, ma volare mi interessa soprattutto per il punto di vista che si può avere di un territorio. Diciamo che il mio interesse è la ripresa aerea dei territori che attraverso. Ora prima di arrivare a pianificare una "missione di volo geografica" credo sarà utile per me vivere una esperienza da passeggero. Poi chissà, potremo vedere cosa è possibile o meno fare: si può tecnicamente volare ovunque? si può passare di sim in sim anche attraversando vasti bracci di mare o ci sono aerovie ben definite? Domande che non necessariamente devono avere una risposta in breve. Anch'io sarò via per tre settimane, per cui non sarò di fronte al mio monitor per un po'. Certo mi porto un tablet con Lumya, che non è il massimo per un incontro inworld. Però se mi date l'amicizia, si può fare due chiacchere in IM. che ne pensate?
  19. Ciao Robert, non conoscevo questo gruppo, interessante. non sono direttamente un appassionato di volo, ma mi interessa per il mio progetto di creare un Atlante di Mainland. Ora la sto attraversando a piedi, rigorosamente, seguendo le varie route, ma mi piacerebbe vedere le varie rotte aeree, e tutto quello che è trasporto Inworld. Parteciperei volentieri a un volo. E' possibile?
  20. Ciao Barderino Che io sappia, non ci sono guide in italiano aggiornate. Tra l'altro l'unica uscita è stata pubblicata nel 2008 dal Corriere della Sera, una traduzione del manuale inglese credo di O'Really. Oggi puoi fare affidamento sui tutoriual in YouTube, o dai tanti blogger che pubblicano fondamentalmente su temi di moda, viaggi, arredamento e fotografia. Sarebbe bello avere una guida anche solo dei reference, ma non c'è… Se vuoi posso indirizzarti verso qualcuno che conosco. Sicuramente Inworld ci sono diversi modi di fare un business con la produzione di oggetti. Una cosa che si usa fare molto oggi è creare parcel completamente allestite e affittarle. Comunque per avere una idea complessiva, vai a vedere il marketplace online, c'è di tutto. poi da li, ti teletrasporti nei vari shop. Puoi anche seguire il calendario degli eventi di shopping, sempre per avere una idea e incontrare gente che ti può aiutare. Fammi sapere!
  21. Sto lavorando all'atlante dei principali continenti di Second Life. L'idea è quella di iniziare a esplorare camminando lungo le principali strade dei continenti centrali. Cerco esploratori che condividano con me il progetto con report, fotografie, resoconti e condivisione alla creazione di un atlante ragionato su tutte le terre emerse. Se vuoi approfondire l'argomento, chiamami qui
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