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  1. My thanks to the three of you who answered, each answer was a great help
  2. I see that there is a 'deposit $US' function on xstreet, but I'm looking for a similar function on my dashboard. Basically, I want to be able to deposit $US into my account by credit card so that when my billing cycle comes around this $US balance is debited first, before any remaining balance is debited to my credit card. Sort of a pre-pay thing incase my RL income clashes with, or overlaps, my SL billing cycle. Perhaps the xstreet 'deposit $US' function does this? But I need to know that LL will debit this $US balance before debiting my card at billing time. No point in doing it if they debit my card and leave USD languishing in my account. Any knowledge or advice on this matter would be appreciated Thanks
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