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  1. Well... The truth to that is sex has always selled the best in the entire world. That's one of the reasons why prostitution from the ancient days still lives, so it's simple as that.
  2. Alrighty I take it back then, but after you said those things to her I doubt she'll believe you now. All you can really do is keep showing her how much she really means to you, but other then that I don't know.
  3. If you're having alot more fun with other women instead with your wife that already counts as cheating, my friend.
  4. I got a hunch it could be a Chinese government firewall preventing her from using voice trough SL. From what I've heard they got pretty strict rules there, especially for looking up things on google or in general visiting foreign websites.
  5. Yus, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest the crotch of the person who toyed with your feelings and may their arms be too short to scratch it!
  6. It tends to happen unfortunately, sometimes you got to go trough the wrong ones till you find the right one. I'm sure that special someone will turn up in the end
  7. Oh nice, if I hadn't come across this topic I wouldn't even know that Viewer 2 has these features. I just got on the Firestorm viewer and turned out it had the same features, after I enabled those everything just looked so amazing! Well I don't know what would be the problem Martin, maybe there's something in your graphics card that can't support that. I'm running SL with a NVIDIA GeForce GT240 card and everything seems to be working smooth.
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