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  1. Ahhhh. I get it now. You're stalking Pamela. What did she do that got your panties in a twist?
  2. Lame. And to post it 53 (?) times in 53 (?) different threads? Lamer. P.S. Reported as SPAM. P.P.S. I hope you enjoyed your brief foray into the Forums... Edit: Capitalization.
  3. Doesn't seem "OK" by me. Nor does it seem "OK" by the Event Posting Rules. A lot of the "events" listed don't (e.g., a "sale" is not an event). Unfortunately, I see no facility to report offenders. If you decide to "start doing that too" you not only lower yourself to the level of people who refuse to play by the rules, you also risk account suspension.
  4. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Why-are-all-these-people-made-of-colored-jelly/ba-p/3031255
  5. Oh, next you'll you'll be comparing furries to transgender persons. Nope. Not buyin' it. Laters.
  6. Taramafor wrote: Furries that simply can't change into a human skin (because they don't "believe" in being human themselves and and nor should they change who and what they are) simply don't get a chance at that. Wut?
  7. Wow. Ok. Yeah. Taramafor wrote: ... up to sim owners and blah blah blah, ... Yep. ... get a rule established by Linden Labs can we hope to have Second Life accept all species. Not gonna happen. Sorry. There is no logical reason for furries to be banned by, say, BDSM sims or even RP sims... Immersion. That's reason enough for some. ... this is at least the equivalent of banning someone for being into something. Like religion. Who says an atheist has to let a Catholic/Protestant/Jew/Muslin/Hindu on their sim and vice versa? LL certainly doesn't. It's absurd to the extreme and I'm not just going to turn a blind eye to this. Seems quite a waste of time, and you'll find that out soon enough, but OK. There are public sims doing this... What do you mean by "public"? Mainland, which is broken up into private parcels where owners can set their own rules? Or private sims where owners can set their own rules and owners allow the public to enter as long as their rules are followed? And even though an owner and a few bigots... Do you really wanna go there? There are actual bigots in the world and they're not concerned at all with people who want to dress up as cartoon animals in SL. So just don't go there. Just don't I'll go as far as taking it to court if I have too. Are your civil rights being violated? If not (and they're not) then you don't stand a chance. No lawyer will touch it and no judge will hear it. Descrimination is against the law. It's illigal. Period. Unfortunately for you, furries are not among the protected classes. You know. Race, color, religion, national origin, sex, etc., etc., etc. Too bad. So sad. Since I'm sure simialar topics have been brought up before I thought I'd play the "Hey, at least do it for your own necks" card this time. Yeah, sorry, no. I'm more concerned about my own and other's actual civil rights. I don't have time to worry about the "civil rights" of cartoon animals in a virtual world.
  8. 0THELLA wrote: Incase there is some confusion about the nature of MAGE Magazine, it is not a business. For a non-business, you certainly do a lot of advertising for sales and marketing personnel. When you're not hijacking threads to try to sell advertising space yourself, that is. ETA: Almost forgot. Art. (Gotta keep it topical.)
  9. Aileen Aiten wrote: This may just be me, and i could be off on a rant here, but it seems that LL has changed the way they process credits. Yeah, seems that way. So... Guess it's not just you, then. The second part to this, is the announcement (if you can call a small blog post in the missle of freaking nowhere) ... Here it is in big bold letters for you: Faster Credit Processing & Upcoming Changes to Fees ... states the changes are due to the insurmountable ammount of red tape they must navigate to make sure there's no money laundering going on, and to get payments to different countries. You didn't finish reading the blog post, did you? It does not say that is the reason. In addition to taking time, processing credit and paying real money to users’ PayPal and Skrill accounts incurs costs to Linden Lab. Each transaction actually costs us more than the $1 (USD) fee we have been charging. To address that and in light of the significant investments we’ve made to improve the related systems and processes, ... As for the money laundering claim, while technically pheasable, unless LL watched every L sent, recieved, and source of injection into the accounts of each person (which they probably do anyway) It's reasonable to think that tracking laundering would begin at the deposit, not the export section of the transaction.. And really, how would one know money is being laundered, unless it comes from a known source.. i.e. a known cartel bank or something random. Wow, you really have a handle on the whole money laundering process, don't you? How is it you're not the Attorney General? There is also a claim, that these changes would expedite transfers. Instead of taking 7 business days, they should take on average 2.. I'm not sure about anyone else, but i have NEVER had a cretid process take less than 2 weeks. Not once. So the 7 day claim must be for special, or preferential people. As for the 2 days claim.. Yea, we all know that's not happening. I guess I must be special. I don't think it's ever taken two weeks for me. I don't know. And this could all be in my head, ... Yep.
  10. Yeah, because SL gesturbators need more colorful options for their gesturbation sessions.
  11. Karalieva wrote: Gatchas are not used items, ... Aren't they, though?
  12. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: LesleyAsh wrote: ... being in the UK I am unable to send mail to the US and so I am resorting to this forum in the hope that the Lindens will read this ... Wow when did mail service between the US and UK stop? LOL. Yeah, where in the UK are you, Lesley? WWII (The Big One) is over and it's very safe to send mail across the pond these days.
  13.  P.S. I've spent more than a few hours playing with Blender and don't find it easy AT ALL. P.P.S. I note that YOUR Marketplace store is CHOCK FULL of THE most MARVELOUS mesh creations.
  14. You can be banned from any parcel for any reason or for no reason at all.
  15. I'll refer you to section 4.7 of the TOS: 4.7 Linden Dollars may not be exchanged outside of the LindeX exchange. Any purchase of Linden Dollars from anywhere other than the LindeX is not permitted and is considered a violation of these Terms of Service which may result in suspension or termination of your Account. I'm fairly sure that includes bartering in exchange for other virtual currencies.
  16. BeautifulSugarRush wrote: Fact: 74 percent of child avatars on sl are looking for people to spend all there lidnens or threaten to get the lidnens hell one of my best friends was told if she didnt pay the child 9k the child would go and say she was doing naughty things to her. I mean come on! Fact: 89 percent of child avys who fight to go onto adult sims they want to try to trap people and get people banned and cause problems for people cause they are board and troll. I would LOVE to see sources for these claims. You know. Actual statistics from somewhere that you didn't just pull out of your ***. P.S. Are you going to dig up every old thread that deals with child/teen avatars in your little "campaign"?
  17. Thanks (?) for resurrecting this (in LL terms) ancient thread. To some of your points: "Adult sims in my eyes should all be 18 and up avy and rl age." Restricting entry to PRIVATE sims or parcels (whether designated Adult or not) to only those avatars PERCEIVED to be "18 and up" (often subjective at best; not everybody declares their avatar's "age") is at the discretion of the private sim or parcel owner. LL policy is that child avatars are allowed on PUBLIC Adult parcels (even on Zindra) and that is not likely to change. "I am so sick of child and teen avys in adult places they were made for us to get away from teen and child avys so we can be naked, do adult things." Were they? There are private sims/parcels designated Adult by their owners that contain little or no "adult content" because not every adult in SL is interested in "be[ing] naked" and "do[ing] adult things." And a private sim/parcel being designated Adult is no guarantee that you will not encounter child/teen avatars. "I honestly believe that they should turn up the ages for sl to 16 and up" Why stop there? Why not 18 (the age of majority in most jurisdictions) and up? Hell, why not 21 and up? "and make sure no child avatars or teen avatars are allowed on adult sims." Again, LL decided quite some time ago that child avatars are allowed on Adult parcels. "I believe that this child vs adult thing is honestly getting out of control." It's a shame you weren't around when the teen grid was merged. Your squawking would have been welcomed by so many. "But what I fail to understand is why isnt Lidnen labs doing anything about these children trying to force themselfs on adult sims. The only sims they should be on is E and M rated sims." See above. Don't get me wrong. I don't particularly like child/teen avies and find most of them pretty damn creepy. I also refuse to play along with their role play (e.g. I won't censor my speech like I do when I'm around children IRL, so they'll likely hear more than a few "bad words" if I'm forced to interact with them for more than, say, ten minutes). But I also think the current system works just fine.
  18. ScarletBegonias Boucher wrote: Can you buy ANY island and submit a ticket buy down to get the grandfather tier price (yes I know it costs $600).. Yes. or does it HAVE to be a sim that was already grandfathered? No. Also do you pay the $100 transfer fee first Yes. or does the $600 buy down include the transfer? No. Like can you rez a new island then buy down the tier? Yes.
  19. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: As far as the incident six years ago, it isn't haunting anything. I doubt you could find 12 people in a crowd of avatars that even remember it. It certainly doesn't haunt me. You mean you didn't lose sleep over it? I'm thinking soxley did... An affront to justice. Lawdy. @soxley: Is it "lousy customer service" and "highly unethical" for Blizzard and CCP to ban "people who have spent money on" WOW or EVE? Anything goes for people who spend $$$s?
  20. Every month (on the same day - usually the anniversary of the delivery date), you are billed for the coming month's use of the private region. This is true whether you are purchasing a brand new region through the Land Store or an existing region from another resident. Example: XYZ.Resident took delivery of their new private region on April 19, 2008. If they sold it to you, you would be billed on the 19th of every month no matter what day of the month you took delivery of it.
  21. It's right where it has been. Seek and ye shall find.
  22. It is a violation of LL policy to wager in 'any game involving random number generation, simulated dice, cards, poker, lotteries, bingo, or any other "chance" game.' http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Policy_Regarding_Wagering_in_Second_Life ETA: P.S. I used to love playing lotteries in SL. I was a PotHead.
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