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  1. I'm looking for input about what you love or what drives you nuts about how pg furniture is animated. Anything is welcome, and I'd specifically be interested in things like camera angles, props, his/hers vs. unisex, couples anims, adjustments, menus, etc.
  2. Yeah, that sort doesn't work by either metric and hasn't for as long as I've known. I have things that haven't sold yet pop right up to the top.
  3. Hi, I'm looking to be able to do a specific thing, but don't want to pursue it if it's not possible, so I guess I'm mostly looking for a yes/no answer, and grateful for anything beyond that. Example of what I'd like to do: Let's say I have a product for sale, and I made several colors. (The number of colors I make per product varies.) I have one color out as a demo, and all the other colors are represented by pictures/swatches. Since I'm renting and quickly running up against my prim limit, I want to cut LI even more, so instead of one prim for every color, I use one multi-face prim for ALL the colors. The customer clicks on the color (face) they want in order to pay for that color. I'm sure this is really obvious, but I'm back in SL after a very long break and I've been pretty focused on just building since coming back. I know there are vendor systems out there, but I'd rather just set this up for myself or buy a script that does what I want. I've seen low prim, multi-panel vendors, but I don't want the customer to have to scroll through, and I don't want or need the large, main center picture. I just want e.g. a row of colors, and the customer pays for one. So: Is this a thing that can be done? Optional: Is this a thing that can be done simply, by me? If I was eyeing DetectedTouchFace, would I be going in the right direction? I don't really have much LSL scripting experience, but I can usually work simple things out by trial and error. Optional: Is this a thing somebody else has already done? Ideally in script form for me to configure and use in my own mesh object. Thanks.
  4. Thank you! How would one go about archiving a product? I have only ever seen the options to unlist or delete.
  5. That reminds me that I wanted the scripts to be removable, but it doesn't look like I'll get any answers either way.
  6. 1. I'd like to start making hair, and am looking for a tool that automatically retextures my base wig into all the hair colors I want. The HeZ Hair Coloring Lab looks like what I'm looking for. Does anybody have an opinion on that or other tools around? 2. I'm looking for a script that allows my customers to easily change, say, the color of a hair streak, i.e., does a texture-change on specific prims. Can anybody recommend one? I also do jewelry and shoes; is there a script that would be easy to use for color- or texture-changing all my items, or would it be best to use something special for hair? Many thanks!
  7. It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out what you were talking about. (This was before you added the spoiler.) I changed the title so the post made more sense.
  8. Well, that's a relief. I guess. Are other people using shoe-colored socks to help mitigate the effect?
  9. All of the alphas I've made for my shoes have itsy bitsy places where pixels flicker into visibility when viewed from *very* specific and narrow angles, that I'm sure I've obliterated to 20 deaths in PS. And yet, there they are. Is this an issue with SL rendering and avatar mesh edges, or is there something I am doing wrong? Do you see this on all foot alphas? (It's probably something only somebody with OCD would even notice.) I've completely erased all the appropriate areas, saved as png, and uploaded.
  10. I don't have time atm to do much but skim your answer, Poenald, but thank you for the details. I'll actually be making jewelry pieces with the texture. I don't know what the pieces will look like, yet, I just know I want to do something with a hammered metal texture.
  11. I'd like to create a hammered metal texture with the same look as the vase in this link: http://www.housetohome.co.uk/products/type/accessories/vases/Hammered_metal_vase_from_Woolworths_25467.html?subslug= Anybody have experience doing this?
  12. Wow, Chosen. Once again, thank you. Thanks also to the other responders (though I will say that I'm not interested in circumventing protections/perms the sculptor has in place). Wakizashi, I'll definitely check out the software you mentioned.
  13. Are content creators welcome? I just made these fur wedges:
  14. Thanks again for the info. In the case of this sculpty, it was created by somebody else and is protected by an alpha, so I can't edit it directly. However, I'll be working with my own sculpties soon enough, and this is all going to be really helpful.
  15. The texture I am using is a crushed velvet 512 x 512. I definitely get your point, Chosen, about not always needing to see perfect detail, but in this case, I was losing even the suggestion of what it was. I woke up this morning realizing I'd need to stretch the highlighting/shading over a vertically doubled texture (looks almost as good at 2/1 as at 2.5/1) rather than squishing the texture down, exactly as you mentioned. It worked beautifully. I rarely go above 512 with any of my texturing (except to combine smaller textures into one conglomerate), but in this case, 512 x 1024 was the thing that worked. Many thanks for the extra tips and suggestions.
  16. As a customer: stores using RedZone lost my business. Stores spamming me with their copybot-protection-chat drove me away. If it doesn't infringe on my privacy or annoy me, I don't care. As a merchant: I do not personally waste money on "security devices."
  17. I am attempting to texture a sculpty. I cannot export the sculpty from SL to paint in a 3D program as it is alpha protected. The raw texture, without painted highlights/shading, looks best with repeats set at 2.5. When I take the texture from SL and into PS, squish it the appropriate percentage, then add highlights/shading where they should be, it looks like pure crap. I can't even tell what the material is supposed to be anymore, it's so blurry. (Already checked: I'm squishing on the appropriate dimension to 40%.) Is there any way around this? I don't have this problem when not attempting to compensate for needed repeats. Should this be in answers?
  18. Thanks for your input, I've got a very different idea of what I want to do, now.
  19. I find I have real issues with blurriness if I download anything other than square in SL, even if I pre-squish it in Photoshop to a power of two. Is there something I could be doing better, or is it just best to work with square images?
  20. Wow, Chosen, great guide. I am curious about what I'd read some time ago: that using four 512's combined in a 1024 (as an example) makes for quicker loading because there is only one texture to read, rather than four. Is this accurate?
  21. I'm building a nicer, larger store, but would like a bit of advice before I go beyond the sketch phase. * Have you made changes to your store layout that improved sales? That reduced sales? * Have you found that putting a second floor in reduces sales for products on the second floor? Did it depend on whether the second floor was easily open to viewing, i.e, a balcony? * Did close, intimate spaces work better, or more open spaces? Separate areas, or one big room? * What else should I consider? Many thanks.
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