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  1. L$6,900/week. It's your island! Make it public, make it private, do whatever you want. The ultimate in economical Second Life living! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clarity%20of%20Mind/16/14/21
  2. What is the purpose of the "Block Parcel Fly Over" that has appeared in the Region/Estate tools "Region" tab recently. (also, how long has it been there?)
  3. Gnash Rambler


    What is DRTDB-177, scheduled for Tuesday, June 10, 08:00-08:30?
  4. I would like to occasionally check the current population of second life. It used to be posted on the login screen years ago, but isn't. Where can I find this when I wish to look it up?
  5. On a windows machine, if I uninstall Second Life, I know there's at least one directory left over in a normally-hidden directory. If I were going to uninstall on a Macintosh, what folders are left behind, and where are they?
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