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  1. Full sim for sale Metaverse Island Looking for $475 (transfer fee included) please contact myself or Dousa Dragonash in world. Looking to sell by 2/28.
  2. Hi Nelson, first start with the size of the website, if its primary purpose is to be viewed from Shared Media inworld you want a fixed height and width, and same with the content you design to go inside the frame. I don't know what the resolution is offhand for a SL Shared Media prim 1x1 but its fairly large, you just don't want to set the height of your webpage higher than SL Shared media resolution because then you will have 2 scroll bars, one for SL shared media, and one for the iframe. For example you set the iframe to be 900 pixels by 500 pixels. Then when you go into SL and load
  3. like the person above said, you can try to use iframes, but Im not entirely sure SL Shared media works with iframes, I know the new embed codes for youtube and vimeo that work in iframes do not work on shared media. you can probably get away with creating your site using jquery and ajax so that the site url won't change to another user looking at the same prim.
  4. Hi, there are 2 ways to do what you are asking. You can not directly play the DVD in Second Life. You can rip the DVD to a file, and upload it to the web, or you can stream it live to a video site like Ustream or justin.tv. If you want to view the movie on Shared Media on a Prim, the video format needs to be flash. Alternatively, you can use the old media parcel settings, and link to an MOV or quicktime formatted file. If the movie is something private that you do not want uploaded to say a site like Youtube, you would probably have to go the QUICKTIME route. Dropbox, which offe
  5. Found the JIRA relating tot his issue. Please vote https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/CTS-477
  6. Is this just with Radeon cards? It really is a bummer not being able to use this.
  7. When using depth of field I get an odd line that goes through the screen. Basically the unfocused part of depth of field will cut acros the focused part like a line going into the direct center of the screen. So for example if I am focused on an avatar in the center of the screen I see a line of small triangles that radiates to the center, but you cannot see it in the unfocused part. If i focused in on the background and left the avatar unfocused this glitch line will show up on the focused part. I'll try to get a snapshot of this issue if no one else has had it or managed to fix it. I ha
  8. All of the facial gestures in SL are built in, so you would make a script that calls the mouth open gesture (whichever one that is, i think a few of them do it) and you would probably need to have the animation triggered repeatedly on a loop so that the mouth wont close. I beleive the animation is express_open_mouth  http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Internal_Animations
  9. I have not used the latest poser, but used it a few years back. I think for Poser you need to load an old Poser 3 or 4 character, not sure if they still allow that, but they are the ones that are compatible with SL. The newer characters probably have more joints and different layout than the SL avatar. If you end up learning a little more you could possible load the animation file in a program called bvhacker, it's free, but you will have to go in and tweak with the joints and rename things and it is probably beyond what you are looking for as a solution.
  10. Episode 2 is out, thought you guys might like to take a look. Warning, there is some adult language, watch at your own discretion. :) http://metaversetv.com/blog/2011/08/the-real-desperate-housewives-of-beaver-ridge/
  11. If the space nav works fine when you are not filming, and is laggy and stuttery when you are, that is probably to do with the power of your pc and/or speed of your hard drive. If you have an older or slower hard drive that would definitely cause the issue.
  12. Thanks for the advice guys, I may change over to 10L, I'll definitely consider it. Thanks again.
  13. Hi all, I have been having an issue with getting bad reviews on my product on the marketplace which are ridiculous and irrelevant. Is there any sort of moderation that can be done? The issue is this. We give away free prim televisions which work with Viewer 2 shared media. These are free items on the marketplace, and in the description of the product state several times that this is for VIEWER 2 only. As can be expected several people do not read this, get the free tvs, try to use them in viewer 1, and they do not work. Nor do shared media need scripts to operate. I was ok when this was
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