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  1. Couldn't the next server on your movement vector be sent a early package of all your details to properly rez you once you enter it? You've just entered a sim at a certain speed/direction and depending on your course in the sim, you will be entering the next sim at a certain point. A few seconds before exiting the current sim, it sends the next sim on the vector the avatar object.
  2. Hi everybody, just curious if there's any chance of adding a adjustable layer of fat and muscle onto the second life skeleton to pad joints when the flex. So the shoulder raises and the ass stays round and general body look stay closer to a real body as opposed to flattening the skin where the bend occurs. Just an idea. Thank you
  3. Isn't there a way of preloading the scripts into the next sim before actually entering it? Based on my vector, the current sim should know what the next sim will be in my trajectory and send the script and avatar information in advance to the next sim in line to make the sim crossing smoother. Sounds pretty straight forward to me.
  4. They offered a rental place for 150L for 115 prims but then they force you to join a group at the price of 250L in order to rez anything. Take hours to get back to you when you have any questions. They don't refund the 250L to join the group but instead credit it to the rental. Gives excuse it is stated in group description. This is fraud. Charges extra fee to allow to rez items after renting house. Cindy Reynaud and Amy Anders http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isen%20Fell/136/222/23
  5. I am building a Mesh TV. The media displays only on face 3. When i click on it to run the media, I can see the selection outline but I'm not even editing it. Is there any way of disabling that without having to disable 'show outline while editing'?
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