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  1. A while back Linden Lab supposidly promised to add a function to allow people to create an account that appeared to have a legacy style format, by adding the ability to place a dot in the user name such as John.Doe. Has Linden Lab changed their mind on doing this, or have they just forgotten about doing this? Or was this even something that Linden Lab had actually intended to do?
  2. Phoenix Firestorm has created a Vintage classic skin, which is a V1 look alike for the V2 and V3 code based Firestorm viewer. As well as added the Phoenix Log in mode that makes their viewer behave much the same as the V1 did
  3. Correction any Viewer that uses Linden Lab V2/V3 Code can view media on a prim, this does include the Firestorm 4.1.1 Viewer but it does not and I repeat DOES NOT INCLUDE V1 Phoenix not even the most releasnt release of V1 Phoenix that is above But all direct V2/V3 viewers that are built as TPV viewers can view media on a prim. To which Firestorm 4.1.1 is a perfectly compatable alternitive to the LL viewer. I am unsure of what all viewers are using Linden Lab's V2/V3 codes. but the Marine Viewer should be compatable as well, as a few others. You can simply look at the list of legal Third Party Viewers that is listed in Linden Lab down load page near the bottom. But I do know that there is also the use of the Snowstorm Viewer as well which is a open source alternitive to the Linden Lab Viewer which is also a V2/V3 based viewer.
  4. Well I just checked, and sure enough there is nothing but just listing your date of birth as any kind of age verification. What a waist as, no kid is going to fess up to being a kid and are going to fess up to being under age. And I have had to go through such things as Tobaco and Alcohol training, and have seen kids walk in and present no ID or a fake ID to buy booze as if they was 21 years of age. I say come on LL get on the ball do you really expect under age kids to be honest. Get real and put some kind of real age verification process back in place either off of a drivers license or pass port or some form of Military or student ID, like it use to be at least then LL has a real attempt to verify.
  5. I have recently started making animations, but i am at the moment unaware of anyway to make an animation that would apear to be breathing. I am using QAvinator, which seams to be a good program but seams to be limited as well with what it can do. I would like to know if its possible to make an animation that breaths, and if so if i need a better program then QAvinator to make an animation that breaths.
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