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  1. Anibal, a veces esos síntomas están asociados a que la memoria caché de tu visor de SL está muy saturada, prueba entonces programar una limpieza de caché, eso está explicado en este link Suerte!
  2. I suggest you to check the SL Marketplace (Click Here), log in with the same Id and Password of your SL account. Search for products, ordering them by prices (Low to High). There you'll find a number of free items like clothes and accesories. One more tip: avoid those with the label of "Demo", they look fine but usually have some little trick to avoid you use them in the right way. As newbie, try those labeled as "Free", "Freebie" or "Gift"
  3. Hmm, very interesting question. Back when I started with SL, I had no idea what to do. I usually asked to other avatars, but most of them were as newbie as I was or were too busy on their own bussiness, so they paid me little to none attention. Since my main goal on SL was (and still is) to become a builder, I gradually met friends on classes and sandboxes. In a nutshell, at the begining, my SL had little social contact. After a long pause of my SL due to RL schedule conflicts, I came back but, to my surprise, most of my old contact of my list never came back to SL. On the other hand, I realized I became more social on this SL "rebirth", meeting anumber of new friends. Long story short: When my friends don't appear, I just park my avie in a sandbox and build, like the old times!
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