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  1. Hello, I use a 3D software using procedures to create a true model, so I can focus only on design, then I choice the platform and the exporter will make the job, by job I mean create triangles, create LoD or not depends the platform targeted, create the uvmap. Sometime I use Blender, Cinema4D to check the result. Of course, it is not so easy, but for plenty of tasks that works nicely, of course that needs a lot of time before make the first model, to be honest, but at the end, a lot of time is spared to designers.
  2. You seem to think I am not agree with you on major points, I don't know why as I read almost peoples here agreed franckly about LoD improvement, and to bring helps for beginners. I agree with you about learn then start selling, but it is often the case, I am optimistic as it is the case. Now what solution you purpose to avoid the "flooding the market wirh crap" ? Honestly, I can't see any good and fair solution, except trust to customers to make the right choice with time and patience. I am yet optimistic about customers are reasonable and not ask Panda Abarth with 450hp oops, they almost did it with Fiat 500, but not yet with 450hp ok ( I joke, don't jump on this. I owned a lot of Italian cars. I am fan.))
  3. Why beginners don't learn the basics first ? First what ? they must learn before come on Second life ? or they can come on Second life to learn. I prefer the second. Other point is you push the idea there is only one good way to create on Second life, it is not true, there are many ways depends the users wish, customers wish too.
  4. I can only answer if you don't make difference between beginners or low skill with griefing, it is a point of view I can't share. About your tool for maya, you know there are lot of mesh simplification tools. Good to know there is one more.
  5. Hello, I saw how you answered to a Linden employee in Sansar forum, your way to answer is not something I am able to understand. And I don't share your point of view about customers. I prefer trust customers point of view, I prefer ask them what they need, and I prefer explain.
  6. It was true, but since last year many users ask about good LoD, it is not yet thousand, but many more than before. So, I can say there is good progress.
  7. And if the price is the same, it could be interesting to see how customers react. Or better put both versions in the same set, and ask your customers what they use ? of course with same materials
  8. In this case, I agree with you it is not the best attitude. Of course, customer has the right to ask for low Li, but it is to the role of the designer to explain the implications. And the designer musts be able to provide the Li / LoD ratio asked by the customer.
  9. I prefer explain, encourage and show the right path. It seems some posts show some users want to punish more or less. It is not my way. I repeat again, I am in favor about new mesh with new Li formula as mesh V2 , with formula inspired by animesh with the goal to encourage better LoD, but not to exclude beginners.
  10. I hope you can yet make the difference between a beginner skill who experiments 3D creation on Second life and griefer. I really hope.
  11. You can ask to add something about LoD in the TOS, but the TOS is the code of conduct. And maybe allow only people to build if they prove they can make perfect LoD under the criteria of the "closed LoD AD club" Good luck.
  12. Then I am sure you understand why beginners are allowed despite they risk to make more mistake than experimented drivers. I never seen a beginner with tank on road, but I understand what you try to say. In any case, how avoid "tank" object on Second life ? there is Li formula for this, actual formula is not the best, we can agree on it, but we must live with it and create a new mesh V2 as animesh was done. It can be quickly done, and I repeat I am sure, plenty of designers will go on it.
  13. You are right, it is a shared environment, as road is, with profesional taxi drivers, professional truck drivers, beginners, experimented drivers, foreign peoples, motorcycle and so one. On side note, I never spoke about softwares I created and continue to support, despite an excellent LoD generator based on model knowledge for mesh and animesh, with full automatic rig and skeleton converter from Sansar to Second life, and more.
  14. As I know, you can download Unity for free and make the 3D objects you want with Blender, for example. User can create on Unity their own little game for personalm use with their objects, even objects with no LoD. And I don't think someone will say something about this. Is it for personal advantages ? of course no, it is very common beginner will work in first on design, and after on technical details. I am on technical side, my main goal is to remove the technical work from designers, so they can use the time to create and not make LoD, and I can say, I have good LoD generator because my softwares know work with model description and not triangles, so the generation of 3D objects triangles and LoD are not linked to the design. So, I am very easy with LoD, contrary about what you think I think good LoD formula will help Second life but Second life musts welcome beginners about build, because plenty of users like Second life for this. I prefer freedom than inquisition, true. I prefer users informed than obliged, I prefer creation and design than push LoD and LoD again, and again more LoD subjects as "hidden" advertisement too.
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