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  1. Hello, It is true, that can to be seen as an excuse, but it is mainly a status. I have no idea the investisment which is engaged on Sansar, all I can to do is a short comparison. Sansar VS Unity engine and Sansar VS professional real time engines; I can't mention them as I work ... let's go for a comparison. Against Unity as example, my modest point of view is, Sansar needs to increase functions on C# API, it will be perfect to have an upper level as language LL as we have on Second Life, and a full support of standard PBR could be very good. In term of pure 3D technology Sansar is already a lot more capable than many users think. Against professional real time engines, we are working to create a pre - uploader for some 3D std formats file and some stuffs which are not delivered with Sansar. With this, all I can say is Sansar is again capable a lot. I guess the fact to come from professional real time engine is an advantage to handle what Sansar is able, at least we tried many new approaches since 2015 and all we did was compatible almost in the instant with Sansar. And believe me or not, but for some professional projects we will clearly try to engage on Sansar. Best Regards, Motoko Oanomochi.
  2. Hello, Game was and is a part of Second life, why not Sansar. As it is an option and not an obligation, I see no problem, for now Best Regards, Motoko Oanomochi.
  3. I agree with you, I have no issue I hope you know, just I think deeply Second life is by nature an open space for creativity. And beginners are very welcome here. I agree 100000 polygons is ridiculous high level on Second life, it is even the case on Sansar more or less.
  4. Hello, I can understand the "religion" of lod by hand by the "closed club", despite this I prefer the way where beginners keep high the joy to build on Second life, and even if hand lod made is maybe better than automatic or half automatic system, it is obvious a part of the joy to be Second life is build. I understand this "religion" is mainly a "business" to promote them self and disqualify others. Bad trick, but it is a personal point of view. At least it is a trick largely used now. All I am saying is : you are a beginner, you enjoy MD, you enjoy Sketchup, you like build in world build and convert it in mesh, go for it and keep high your joy, and be sure there are tools to make 95% to 100% of the optimization made by the "closed club" manually. I say to beginner enjoy your Second life, enjoy to build, enjoy your design and don't listen the pseudo professional giving pseudo lesson. They always patronize for advertisement purpose never to completely help beginners, sometime it is partial, atomised help, yes, it is called make the buzz for advertisement purpose mainly and in second for help, but is it true help ? I struggle to see it. I wish to say in addition, a lot of beginners build for them self, they hurt nobody, they pay their sims or lands, they have a perfect right to enjoy without to be pratonized and yes at first they do mistake, and yes they ask for help, and yes they will listen more or less people with more experience. They have this right on Second life, because it is the nature of Second life. Tolerance is the key word. And patience when you want really to help beginners. Now, I always refuse to help beginner who is a ripper, who mainly tries to have help only to know how upload stuff from 3D marketplace. Unfortunately, there are yet a lot of rippers. About arctan, I mentioned what I wished not what it will be, of course. Best Regards, Motoko Oanomochi.
  5. There are two categories of polygon optimizers : generalist and dedicated. Obviously, it is complicated to make a perfect optimizer for all 3D stuffs, but there are dedicated optimizers or at least we can create it. I prefer a beginner using an optimizer than a beginner who will renounce because hand optimization is really complicated sometime.
  6. It is clear LOD is more on platform side actually, or on 3D software side with automatic or half automatic function to free the designer of this task. Honestly, I prefer develop the function to generate LOD levels than make it manually. To return on the initial subject, automatic or half automatic function means a beginner can focus more on the idea, more of the style, and less on technical aspects. It is good for everybody, but I guess, that makes "nervous" professional who spends time to create lod with hands.
  7. By changing rule, all is possible the worse, the best, but it is the, maybe, rule change that will create the bad or good. If they go for all new arctan-mesh as new opportunity, it is the best. I am sure, a lot of designers will use the new arctan formulae if it is like animesh formulae. And it will be more easy for beginner too, as it is the subject.
  8. Sansar is using an automatic lod system, as example a mesh animated is no longer animated at some distance automatically, idem for lod, I guess they are using something like Simplygon. It is the same way I did in the past on half real time engine too. So, the designers can use their time for design, logical for designers I guess. Animesh formulea is good enough, I think it because it is easy to keep it in mind when you are doing your stuff. It is easy to implement it on software too It is not perfect but it is always better to use a good enough solution easy to use, than a perfect solution hard to use.
  9. About uvmap, there is a lot of ways, even for real time engine, and packing is not always the best depends the stuff you are doing. About lod on mesh, the actual formulae is not the best, and so only a new category of mesh , let say "arctan-mesh", as we have "ani-mesh", is the right way to improve in the time the situation. Or Sansar solution is good too. Personnally, I choose automatic lod on my half real time engine. But if arctan changes Li of actual content, the result will be easy to anticipate, lot of players will go away, obviously. Maybe, it is why this project is on the side, I really think it is better to create a new category of mesh.
  10. Hello, Two points I wish to mention : in first Second life is an area of freedom, players have the right to be professional or not and enjoy at the same level Second life. Second point arctan can't break totally actual content, or it is the "end" of Second life, it is a dangerous / ridiculous way. And no arctan will be not a way for some "closed club" to take a sort of revenge. I have great hope arctan will have a formulae as animesh has, but with no 15 prims as basis , and with a checkbox to say it is an arctan mesh, as we have for animesh, which is compliant with good practice. It is the best way and more easy to do, so designers can enforce the fact arctan formulae is used on their objects if they created compliant mesh with arctan. Maybe some designers will even upgrade some products. So arctan will go to be a nice commercial way for new design or upgrade, and players will have the choice too. In addition, designers who will go for arctan mesh will show they are not rippers. Best Regards, Motoko Oanomochi.
  11. Hello, It is all true and yes MD doesn't produces best geometry and optimized UV for real time engine and online game as Second life, but ... on 2012, I remember I did a tool with colleagues to adapt the Obj file from MD to real time engine, and even for Second life, we made even a system to make square texture seamless to MD model It was in the past. When we could do things without the pressure. I recall just one thing, a good software for design nice model needs sometime or often, as you wish, a tool to adapt the 3D model for the targeted platform, that doesn't means the software is bad or not adapted, that only means it needs an addons. Best Regards, Motoko Oanomochi.
  12. Hello, It is absolutely true. Actually, I don't use general purpose 3D software anymore, I prefer use dedicated softwared and then, if necessary, create myself the tool to adapt automatically the primary model I get for the targeted platform as real time engine or photographies quality. Despite this, Blender is good to convert 3D files and some utilities inside are not bad. We will see the new 2.8 version, it seems better as first view. Best Regards, Motoko Oanomochi.
  13. I don't even know plurk existed. I never heard about it.
  14. Hello, About "club" or "closed club" as I like to say, it is a joke mainly, but in fact there is a reality behind the joke. I don't know if there is truly a club, but there is more or less groups with attitude, for sure. As example, I created for Second life the first and alone software to rig automatically on the standard skeleton, I never got any comment or question, and even better topic was erased if my memory is good. Just because I mentioned I did it. It is not a problem, the software is still available, but for sure, I will never share it, despite it is very useful for animesh. So, when you speak about club, yes and no, but maybe more yes than no So, many peoples here help, yes, more or less, but it is not so altruist that can appear in the first read. Often the help is incomplete with purpose, that smells the help but it is with the though to promote them self and so their business. A beginner needs true help to find his way, and books and tools can't be replaced by just posts or pseudo tutorials on youtube. It is why for some subjects, a complete PDF file or a tool is better. An example, many people enjoy or enjoyed to build on Second life even with basic primitives. They have this right, fully. When mesh came on Second life, build with primitive was more and more " tacky ", so a viewer well known, as example, offers the possibility to convert primitive to mesh. There are some other good tools too. But, it is not so easy, we need manage lod and so one with mesh. It is new for beginner, despite they like build with classic primitives. The best help is not to explain how use Blender in this case, it is very obvious, the best is to explain how use a specific tool to optimize more or less automatically the mesh coming for the primitive conversion and keep the uvmap. There is a tool to do it, with lod auto function too. There are some easy tools as this around, nobody will speak about them, for sure. Best Regards, Motoko Oanomochi.
  15. Hello, A book, a true book with paper, nothing replaces a true book, or at least a book on PDF file and designed to be printed easily. I purchased this book : Blender Foundations: The Essential Guide to Learning Blender 2.6 , in the past. It is outdated, but maybe there are new books, all I learned about Blender came from this book mainly. I don't use Blender actually, as I develop other 3D tools and softwares, but with a good book and some patience I can say Blender is a true good software. Best Regards, Motoko Oanomochi.
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