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  1. lol.. i don't think anyone needs a $2000L sex bed with 500 animations. pixel sex definitely isn't part of my sl experience anyway.. the wishlist was so that you could make a list of things you liked, and others could see it so if someone wanted to send you a gift, you didn't have to tell them what you wanted.. they could just pick from a list of stuff you already like. it really only benefits people who like to give gifts.. but i have a relatively large group of people that i spend a lot of time with.. so i do gifts on a regular basis. you know, for birthdays and rezdays.. that sort of thing. anyway.. that function would be really helpful to me... had just wondered if others had given it any thought.
  2. First of all.. that picture is lovely. i agree with the previous posters about it looking a little washed out color wise, but that's easily fixed in some sort of editing program. i do some sl photography as well.. i'm no where near expert level.. but i'll give you a few tips that i use that seem to work well.. - If you don't have an editing program, you can download gimp for free. i've been using it for some time now. i desperately want to upgrade to photoshop, but can't afford the software at this time.. gimp works well though. - Adjust your windlight settings in world to help with the lighting. I have a great notecard which contains settings that make most avatars look picture perfect.. if you'd like a copy, IM me in world and i'll pass it to you. - Set your snapshot dialogue in world to save the full sized image.. that gives you plenty of room to work and gives you tons of space for cropping. (that should also help with the aspect ratio.. although in this case, it may have just been your camera angle) - Use alt + click to center your photo. This works really well for close up shots..
  3. you know.. usually i just tell them. not in a rude or mean way.. mostly people are thankful that i brought it up.. on occasion i have had some people get offended and i've had to apologize.. but i have no problem doin that.. once someone got furious that i woudl dare to point out an imperfection with their avatar.. i simply said "my mistake" and muted them.. lol. is the price you pay for trying to help. if you don't mind the possibility that you'll have to apologise for offending someone, or maybe use your mute button.. i'd say go for it..
  4. ok.. that's too cute.. i coudln't do it though.. i'd be too afraid one of the giants was going to step on me..
  5. the fact that i know bloodlines stuff is probably going to get me shunned or flamed here considering there are so many who hate it but here goes, i'm outing myself as a bloodlines vamp just to enhance your enjoyment of sl you should feel special.. giggle.. you don't actually HAVE to hunt. if you're not interested, you have three options that allow you to remain in the game:: 1. you can simply stop refilling your blood allowing it to run out and you'll become what is called "destroyed" which is an inactive vampire (note.. if you've collected any souls, you'll lose them by doing this). 2. If you want to maintain your active vamp status, you can fork out 8000L and purchase a forever amulet so that you don't ever lose blood. 3. or if you just want to be a human agian, you can drink the nightshade potion and it will convert you back to human status in the game. and all of that is provided that you're using bloodlines.. if you're on hunger or some other vamp hud.. i have no idea.
  6. i have had several problems as well.. on a regular basis.. and it's not JUST chat lag.. group chats taking up to four minutes to start.. this lovely error: "unable to start the group chat session"... messages not being delivered at all.. members showing online in chat when they are actually offline..
  7. now that you mention it.. i have had a better teleporting experience too.. and since i upgraded to the most recent version of phoenix, i don't get logged out as often either..
  8. we had this exact same problem once.. finally realized, if you click the arrow in the upper right of the chat window, it should give you a list of residents in the chat (even if the resident has already been removed from the group).. all the moderator has to do is highlight the resident... and uncheck the box below to disable their chat.. although.. that function may vary depending on which viewer you're using.. i have phoenix.. and it works fine for me.
  9. *laughes at myself trying to access the marketplace on my blackberry.. there's no sl application for blackberry that i'm aware of, so it woudl be pointless for me.. but i get your point, and you're right.. a mobile version would be cool.. but i need a full sized screen for my marketplace shopping experience... a full size bank account would be helpful too. lol..
  10. does anyone else miss the xstreet wishlist function? it just made purchasing things for others a lot easier (yes, i buy rezday gifts for my friends) Who else thinks the wishlist function should be added to the current marketplace? or.. those of you with inside info.. know of any plans to add it back? Ok.. maybe i just can't find it.. but i've definitely looked..
  11. yes.. you can still go to the xstreet website to view your history. just click on your name, then click "my marketplace purchases". It's going to show you your most recent purchases which will be your marketplace ones.. but if you adjust the date range.. then you can view back (at least) as far as 2009.
  12. The way I usually do it is this, at the bottom of most items, there's a link that says "view item in second life". click that link which takes you to the slurl page.. sometimes it will let you teleport directly from my page. but if not, you can copy the url, paste it in local chat.. then double click it to teleport.. it's kind of a round-about way to do it.. but it works..
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