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  1. the flaw in this would be that your group needs to be open for people to join for a script to send a link to join so if they just searched the group they could join for free, you could just use a group invite script then make the group pay to join instead.
  2. I made a game along these lines but only the owner pays out so you set a prize amount anyone or group only click to join then after a set time it selects a winner at random and pays them this way its with in the terms of use as players don't pay to play works a treat to generate traffic but as the owner you pay the prize amount
  3. Hi not been on the forums for a long time and when I take a look what do you know your asking for something I made ages ago for a customer I will send you a copy when next in world. Its along the lines of what has been mentioned on here each dancer wears a dance ball then the leader wears the hud that can start stop the dance routine, you can add multiple animations and set it to play through them. Will contact you soon if you still need it
  4. Hi everyone I have decided I need a kind of sales rep / promoter type person to come and work for me lol basically its a dead easy job for someone who loves traveling around second life visiting new clubs, malls and the like. If you find it easy to chat to new people, enjoy making new friends, and have a kind and friendly manner (patients to take time to explain a few instructions to customers) Then this will suit you down to the ground. The main product you will be promoting is a game I invented to help increase traffic to peoples land, the game has a group following of well over 300 and ow
  5. Nice work darkie I will set a collector up at our place we get a lot of visitors and passing traffic hope it helps
  6. Hi just thought I would put this on here incase anyone else is having same problem it was to do with Hotmail now outlook they seem to stop any emails from sl with out any option to change this thanks Hotmail really handy NOT. Luckily I have been setting a new gmail account up for Conrad and have changed over to this bit of a pain as I sell a few items that email me details and had to update all those great fun hey SO in short I recommend Gmail for anyone needing reliable emailing from second life
  7. Hi just wondering if anyone else has had this problem, all of a sudden my IM's have stopped been emailed to me when im off line. This is a big pain as I rely on emails from certain objects and customers. I use sl viewer just had the new update with the dumb chat and im's in the same place whats that all about lmao way to easy to type in the wrong box not the best idea they have had lol. Any way I was still getting emails after the update then about a week after update they stopped I have check my settings and all is ok box checked to send and all that any help would be welcomed :/
  8. LMFAO i would love to know what goes on in these peoples heads ... second thoughts no i'd rather not.
  9. Hi yeh this is possible and wouldnt take long to do il give you a shout when in world
  10. Sooo you copy someone else's idea ever heard of copyright? then you want loads of other people to build it script it and best of and i love this bit HOST the bloody thing on their sim lmao oookay good luck with all that mate. Now wasnt there someone else on here whos going to build a pokemon game for crying out loud these are other peoples creations i dont think they are going to be to happy about it! too funny i do love reading these posts its a right laugh
  11. Hi this is the wrong forum for this post should put it in wanted, that said i make all kinds of auction rental systems and offerboards will give you a shout in world
  12. Hi i have recently done a rent system for a customer like this, the owner can set the amount of weeks they wish to rent lessons for by note card also along with loads of other options you have the option to have it email you the tenants info. Give me a shout in world if you would like to take a look best send me a note card as ims get capped
  13. Yep thats the best way dora i use that for most of my stuff, the only reason to use the script is if you wanted to set it to a group only or white list then could be handy.
  14. Hi all you need for this can be found here LOOK HERE
  15. Hi you could make it a bit more fancy and involved like making it attach and all that but this will get you started integer toggle;default{state_entry(){llStopSound();llSetTimerEvent(0.2);}touch_start(integer total_number){toggle=!toggle;if(toggle){llOwnerSay("Sound on");llSetTimerEvent(0.2);}else{llOwnerSay("Sound off");llSetTimerEvent(0.0);}} timer(){if (llGetAgentInfo(llGetOwner()) & AGENT_WALKING){state walking;}}}state walking{state_entry(){llSetTimerEvent(0.2);llLoopSound("uuid",1.0);}timer(){if (!(llGetAgentInfo(llGetOwner()) & AGENT_WALKING)){state default;}}}
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