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  1. I know this is an old thread, but I want to say that I love the Mainland too. Among other things, I am a ponygirl and a pony trainer at Frilly Filly Farm (Bulgogi region). The fact that we're on the mainland means that our ponies can take riders out on the Linden Roads, on REALLY LONG rides. (I will never forget coming to the suspension bridge that crosses the Bay on Linden Road 9; it was breathtaking and a complete surprise.) Last year, our farm had a cart race that covered 37 sims; try THAT on an island! Every now and then we meet someone out on those Linden Roads, and that is a chance to meet someone totally new; find out about them and tell them a bit about us. That helps us all to grow and understand each other, and isn't that the best thing SL has to offer?
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