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  1. For my daughter i am looking for a potential husband, that want to marry her. It will be a arranged married. Even we have the 21st century, she was raised and educated with victorian manners, behaviour and need a husband that apricate that. Potential RP able partners for her, feel free to contact me inworld for a further discussion, and what her families expectations are and yours will be. The candidate shoud be strict, and should have a own household (regardless how big), and should be a full gentleman. I love to hear from you.
  2. And the servers, if that is really the reason...are still wonky
  3. And it seems we still have that issue...sometimes troubles to get redressed, fault on the asset server, and more annoying animations from the AO do have a big load time. Someone form LL care about that?
  4. Looks more like one of the providers of Linden Lab has some issues: 3 20 ms 19 ms 27 ms 4 179 ms 180 ms 183 ms lax-sb2-i.LAX.US.NET.DTAG.DE [] 5 179 ms 179 ms 173 ms 6 174 ms 175 ms 174 ms ae10.cr1.lax112.us.zip.zayo.com [] 7 182 ms 182 ms 182 ms ae7.mpr3.phx2.us.zip.zayo.com [] 8 * * 209 ms 9 * 219 ms 210 ms sw-core0-83.phx.lindenlab.com [] 10 209 ms * 218 ms vip.secondlife-phx.agni.lindenlab.com [216.82.8. 56] seems that zayo.com forget about some IP-Packets on the way to the lindenlab Servers.
  5. I see the same happening suddenly again...baking issues of avatars. I thought we had that issues long time behind us....as they were fine for a long time now. A lot of my friends also complain that when they log in - they stay a cloud, and only a avatar test help with it...
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