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  1. I appreciate your feedback Innula, Does this mean this topic has stayed on thread? or is it on task? in 7 pages the topic of meetings has changed a variety of subjects. This is my point. If these topics do not stay on task in a Forum or in a Meeting. How effective is it? ~ JeZeBeLe
  2. Huntress I work pacific time USA normal business weeks. I don't go because I am at work. Thats how the virtual ball rolls. When I have my agenda item represented at a meeting from someone else standing for me. The topic isnt completely understood to represent my agenda item presented for me. Which results in my disappointement of the structure and time constraints to physically participate. The ones who want to be involved but do not have an ability to participate tend to be misrepresented. The result of which active participation becomes watered down to a trickle of interest. Business hour meetings during a regular work week do not represent all of Zindra. They represent a small percentage of people who can sacrifice thier 4am sleeping hours to attend a meeting thats commendable thank you for taking the time to submit your sleeping hours to attend the meetings. I hope your voice is heard I do not necessarily believe a forum will have better structure for the agenda topics that tend to be at the meetings. . ~ JeZeBeLe
  3. Forums are another way to take people out of world. Traffic in world doesn't generally grow from being in a webpage separated even further than a monitor and physical face to face (Verbal or text) response. Communication becomes rather heated in forums and even with terms of service. There really isnt any one true answer to solve the problem of not being heard at meetings. The problem deals with structure and accountability. There is no vibes watchers, no appointed members to take on leadership at each meeting to keep the subject on target. Logs from the last 2 years prove this time and time again. By people speaking outloud "is my question being ignored?" Some amazing people set aside time toward these meetings. Time that can be productive planning for their own groups and cross promote eachother. Forums do not seem the solution to this issue. It makes 1 topic be ranted about for 8 pages of forum responses that do not essentially solve the problem. The perpetuation of ignorance results in the effortless mediums placed forward. Where as folks who want to be heard. Don't have the ability to complain in a way that corporation would listen. SL Teachers without Borders, Adult Community Education Society, co founder
  4. The agenda items in the meetings lack structure. Perhaps there is a need for tools to create productive activism at the meetings rather than counter productive behavior. http://www.yourofficecoach.com/Topics/leading_a_productive_meeting.htm Enabling behavior at the meetings and not controlling the blatent disregard for human beings are counter productive on progress. Having meetings that revolve around certain peoples distain for the other without truly showing any inertia to move forward and represent more than Zindra business, but the culture. Meetings in Zindra context have notoriously shown its true colors in a negative light. How about restructuring the meetings and creating several in order to represent Zindra. JeZeBeLe Dagger ~ SL Teaching without Borders. Adult Community Education Society co~founder
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