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  1. Hi Whirly .. no, the land isn’t group owned but group members can have different levels of access within it. The alt has full access and there is no fixed landing point. I’ll check that ignore landing point thing ....
  2. Hi, this is not a new topic for many here because mostly the issue is a fixed landing point, that is not an issue here because there is not a fixed landing point on the parcel. My ALT is not the parcel owner (mainland), I am the parcel owner, but my ALT has full group rights and he's wearing the group tag. He has set Landmarks before in the parcel and they still work, but he tried today to TP with a new Landmark and got the error message 'Could not teleport closer to destination' ... He tried setting new Landmarks at different points but gets the same result ... also he is not too close to where he wants to go. Any ideas why that might be?
  3. I have both Aesthetic and Signature Gianni .... the clothes for Aesthetic ft really well but they are limited in range ... getting better, but slowly. They really need to release their construction data to more builders, it's rather short-sighted of them to be, frankly, snooty about it. Gianni has a much better set of Alpha divisions than Aesthetic, much better and the basic skin from them is really nicely built. The shape is a bit round shouldered but that's a small point ... fitting of clothes is not as good as Aesthetic but it isn't too bad and as others suggest here, the volume of alpha spaces makes the job a great deal easier. I took a good few months deciding what to get other than my Aesthetic (first choice on returning, also after 5 yrs) because I'm a builder and wanted to offer my products to more than the aesthetic crowd ... Signature at the end of the day for me was a no-brainer choice and I think will become the most popular of male bodies ... but, who knows what might happen next ... Image attached is my Signature Gianni with no additions other than my own shape and eyes.
  4. I have a Mainland parcel, A Landing point set and my Avi has no problem teleporting around the parcel. My ALT however, cannot teleport around the parcel; TP always takes him back to the Landing point. He can TP back home which takes him to a different part of the parcel from the Landing Point, but that's it so he has to fly everywhere. Is there a way round this? ... I've checked all his Land permisions in the Group etc
  5. The point is that they cannot make such a distinction clear in this medium; it is excrutiatingly difficult in cinema only managed by teams of people analysing each and every film to classify it. The only resource SL has capable of simply categorsing between under-18 and adult are the merchants and users; even that will be hugely variable depending on different world views. SL has entered a myre here and should get out as soon as they can by adopting recognised patterns of use in the web - the situation can be managed more subtly in-world.
  6. Having followed this thread since it began and read through the transcripts of the meetings it has become clear that this entire situation is a monumental waste of time; based on spurious notions of care and even more spurious notions of potential litigation. SL like several other organisations fall flat on their face when they divert from understood and accepted patterns of web use. The smart thing to do, that is understood on a global scale where 'adult' content may be found on a site, is to have an age verification page up front. I think it is perhaps SL's misplaced guilt about hosting adult activity that prevents them from using this accepted form at the entrance to Marketplace; which, also reflects in the pointless introduction of Moderate no doubt following the Cinema format and not the www format. It is clear that the keyword filtering of products will not ever work without a massive policing force within SL and ironically SL have abansoned the best policing force they could have, the merchants themselves. This is a trust issue that 'nanny states' fall foul off. By far the best corporate, commercial and social direction to take is a simple age verification for adult and merchant/user policing; then the precious time available within SL could be spent on improving it's disasterous search engine. Fundamentally fear and deceit are driving this current process when it should be driven by confidence and trust.
  7. Are John Norman's books on Gor age restricted in the US? Are any builders called Gordon being affected by the filter? In an under 18 search using the word 'Cum' you can by various sex rugs and a top hat.
  8. GOREAN is a dirty word so rings get MODERATEd, but a mostly naked woman fingering herself is GENERAL !?! I have a number of rings and a couple of kilts that have been 'allocated' a 'Moderate' label because within their keywords is the word 'Gorean', or 'Gor'. There is nothing in the product or the advertising of it that merits this. I'm sure it's easier for you to blanket cover all Gorean items as non-'General' but it is incorrect, misleadng and does not conform to your published guidelines. Following such a line will you make all bedroom furniture 'Moderate'? On a second point, now that you have conquered this monumental task of recategorisation will you turn your attention to your Search engine, which is THE WORST SEARCH ENGINE ON THE WEB. The 'relevance' search is completely dysfunctional offering all sorts of spurious results while pushing highly relevant products to the back of the queue. Try typing in 'Rings', the chioce varies of course with the results being often ludicrous but even on a good day ... I tried it again now and on the top page of the relevance search for rings there were two sets of high heels, a water feature and a valentine's gift; only 50% of the 12 products on page one had 'rings' in their title. Please, please make the Title the primary source for a 'Relevance' search. If you type in 'Chair' the very first item is a 'Love Hud'. Item number five is a 'Be My Valentine' set of poses with a lingerie clad bimbo spreading her legs and fingering herself - and this is in a GENERAL search .... what a cheek that you let this happen but consign rings and kilts to a non-GENERAL status.
  9. There seems to be no 'Reply' option now on the JIRA blog 'Future Projects and Features for the SL Marketplace' -- is this just me?
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