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  1. Sorry, but the only skills is involve is knowing when to click on certain tiles but other than that everything else is just random luck that the server randomly puts in what you choose for every tiles. So telling me that they figured out to win isn't it. when the jackpots are randomly special achievements. what I don't get is how these people keep getting these achievements constantly. I have spent over thousand of money playing these games constantly yet I cant seem to win an achievement when other win them constantly over and over.
  2. I know this is probably a stupid question to ask but I always see the same people playing at these sims playing high limit all the time. I have tried that many times and never have I made a profit from doing that. The only thing I can guess those people either have money to spend and just have nothing better to do who have free time or use every cent they have in RL. I am just curious how these people can afford to do it everyday. what puzzles me the most its always the same people winning these huge pots never once I have won any.
  3. Xuan Xenga

    Renaming an Avatar

    I was wondering by any chance does anyone know if you could request for a name change on an avatar such as first name and last name? I am not talking about display name but the actual avatar name.
  4. I've been trying to sell my lindens through lindex exchange and was wondering if i was to sell my lindens for 231/1usd and the total remaining is 4k does that mean my process will be faster? and if you are looking across to buying lindens and the total quanity remaining is 80million does that mean alot of people are buying that in that certain exchange rate?
  5. I just got a brand new laptop with an intel hd graphics 4000 and everytime I try to change my graphics sl closes out and send a crash log don't know if its that or if its windows 8 can anyone help me here like to set my graphics on ultra
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