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  1. Hello all, My apologies if somebody already said this, but with 5 minutes to spare, 209 comments is just TMI to take in all at once... Suggestion: Linden Lab In-World Angel Service Want to fix more problems in timely fashion? Put Linden Lab employee customer support and Live Chat presence where the problems often begin...IN Second Life. Yes, many issues really are better resolved privately (offline), but private estate owners (and their renters) who are having consistently satisfactory customer relations experiences with their clientele will tell you that their INWORLD AVATAR PRESENCE for troubleshooting assistance is one of the major cornerstones of long-lasting owner-resident relationships. The personal touch! It takes 2 seconds to teleport your avatar to the scene of the disaster...no more time than it takes to pull up the sim on the god-console... Need a sim reset? Need a tree moved? There is NOTHING more satisfying as an SL resident, when having a system-based problem, than to have an actual virtual "god-figure" show up as an on-site angel-presence, just for that 60-90 seconds it takes to troubleshoot the things remote-offline-impersonal LL-administrators read listed on a ticket. BE VIRTUAL FIRST, TIMELY SECOND, PROGRAMMER AS NECESSARY! Don't limit inworld to just the 30 minutes once a week meetings. Thanks for listening (er, I mean reading)
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