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  1. I have another one: Places that invite you to join their group as soon as you land! I hate that.
  2. Facelights Bling jewelry Avatars that aren't updated with anything mesh Unproportionate bodies. I especially enjoy the big bodies with the tiny heads. 👍 IMs that go back and forth with "Hi." and then the infamous "How are you?" Just say hi and get to the point!
  3. I love my last name and would never change it. I think the worst thing they did was to allow no last names at all. I've always enjoyed the telltale age of a SL resident based upon their chosen last name from the listing of choices given at a certain time/year.
  4. Lynne, I personally don't use Plurk but I do use FB, Instagram and Flickr. My blog is also included on feeds. I think Instagram has probably noticed a surge due to the Flickr changes. All helps but you have to be vigilant in promotion especially if you're a designer trying to sell to customers. Having your own bloggers would help you too, to get the word out. I started out using Blogger when it was called Blogspot back then. I switched to WordPress many years ago and I love it but that's just a personal user preference. I think both platforms have pluses and minuses but you could put a slurl to your store in your post and keep track of how many times it's been clicked on. You can definitely do that on WordPress. Linda
  5. As a blogger for the past 8+ years, Flickr is still the a good forum for sharing. But Yahoo sold Flickr and the new owners have changed their free accounts so people are finding other means. Plurk and Facebook have a huge SL presence and Instagram has now been added to the mix. It's a good idea to join FB groups and post a link to your blog posts or pics there. Join feeds to also get better exposure if you have a blog and follow others blogs. There may be some topics on this site that could give you more insight. http://www.bvnsl.com/
  6. It really wasn't all that exciting. A resident was being trolled on the forums so she wrote something to the troll which resulted in her getting banned from SL for 3 days. Then the resident created a new thread to complain about being banned and she kept saying she was going to leave SL for good but wanted someone to be kind to her before she left. She was warned that the moderators would probably close the thread because she complained about being banned and that's what happened. Then she created yet another thread and began pleading with people to just be kind to her because she was leaving SL after 7 years. She did more whining than actually saying goodbye and if someone wrote something she didn't like then they were just not being nice to her and she WANTED PEOPLE TO BE NICE dammit. That's it in a nutshell.
  7. I'm looking for a script that was originally written by wamark basevi but if there's another one out there I'll take it. The script allows for the buyer to use a Pay menu that has 2 buttons. One button is the price for a single item and the second button is for the fatpack price. This removes the need for a separate prim to sell the fatpack of items. Any idea where I can find a script to do that? I'm specifically looking to use it in an animations vendor so the script should also allow the buyer to sort through the various animations in the vendor to test them out.
  8. I'm looking for a vendor script that was created by SL resident wamark basevi. The seller puts several things in a vendor to sell along with this script. The buyer clicks to Pay and 2 buttons come up on the menu - one button is the single item amount and the other button is for the fatpak amount. This removes the need for another prim to sell the fatpak.
  9. I had the same issue & after doing some research, I reset my cable router & viola I logged in. I'm not sure if that was the problem, but it seemed to help me.
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