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  1. It was a small group of us (I'm in that video too) who wore clothing like that, but not as an everyday thing. We mainly wore it for competitions, runway shows or magazine spreads. At least clothing like this was available to be worn if one wanted to wear/buy it.
  2. I guess you're being very literal. True, Absi, Karn and I were not really driving down the road, having an actual road trip, when the pic was taken but we could have been. There are working cars in SL as I'm sure you know but it's just harder to capture a photo while the car is moving. 🙄 I think the picture says more about SL and what it's about than what you're seeing in the picture. Three friends came together to spend time to take this picture to celebrate friendship and fun. That's what I see when I look at this picture and that's what SL is all about.
  3. To that end, I agree. There should have been a few different styles showcased. Ironically, the model in those pics, Absinthe, has now opted for the every day classic fashion because avant garde and haute couture is pretty much non-existent now in SL. Hopefully, LL will update those pics real soon! Just to give a little shameless plug, this is Absinthe and me in a recent pic.
  4. We can all tell you what we prefer but no matter what you do, you'll never make everyone happy. Do what is best for you and if the quality and service are good/great and the price is in line, then people will buy. Do a test run using the system you'd now prefer and compare it to sales you've had using a previous method so you can gauge a decline or increase in sales and then make changes.
  5. It's not illegal in SL. Those of us who don't like them, don't play them. I'm not saying I've never used them but for the most part my sanity is worth more. When I've played because there was something I really wanted, it's good to know I can resell and recoup my money.
  6. If you get numerous boxes of the same item/same color or any item you don't want, don't open them up. They may be marked no copy but you can transfer them. To resell, edit the item to mark it for sale, set a price and make sure you note that it's the original and not a copy for sale. People sell unwanted or unneeded gacha items all over. They're on MP (mostly the rares) and garage sales and numerous other places. Do a search on SL for gacha garage sale. Yes, of course you can get the same item twice. Unfortunately, quite a few times. Personally, I hate gachas since the only purpose is to make the designer rich. I'd rather pay a mega amount for the 1 item I want than mega amounts for 20 that I don't. The beauty of it is that you don't have to play and most usually an entire store is not made of gachas. They usually just have a specific section in the store for the gacha machines.
  7. I did read (and comprehended) what was posted and I know it wasn't about me specifically because he/she doesn't even know me. You can read that line two ways. Deal.
  8. What?? As a premium member, I pay $112 u.s.d. per month for my mainland holdings. I currently also pay $90 u.s.d. per year for my premium membership. I do not own a Linden Home and never have. They didn't have those when I started playing SL. I think I do however get 512 parcel of land free of the 32000+ parcel of mainland that I own. I highly doubt that you pay more than I do monthly to LL. I'm not a freeloader and you shouldn't assume that all premium members are!
  9. Thank you for the link. They don't let me out much so I appreciate you throwing me a bone
  10. I've been a premium member for over 11 years and quite honestly, I don't mind the price increase. It's been awhile since that happened when actually last year the land price went down so I ended up saving money. Back when I became a premium member, money was tight for me so I paid quarterly. Today when I went to see the cost of an annual membership I realized that I could have saved $18 if I had paid attention more. I've now changed to annual membership so that my increase will only result in $9 when the overall increase takes effect. There are far fewer residents that log in on a daily basis than in the past so I do think that may have something to do with the changes to prices. As far as the group thing is concerned I remember when we could only have 25 groups (maybe even less?) so I can understand the dismay of basic users to have their groups reduced. I don't really need to belong to 80 groups quite honestly. To sum it up, Second Life is my "get away from it all" and my "creative outlet". I've been a resident for over 12 years now and have watched so many things change for the better over those years (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/History_of_Second_Life) so I really don't mind these new changes. If they start increasing annually, then I'll have more of an issue.
  11. Nothing good in life (even second life) is free
  12. This is the first I've heard of all this. First, how much are the fees increasing and second, please explain the groups issue.
  13. If they'd change it so that legacy name is always first then I'd actually turn on display name in my preferences. I can't find anyone I'm looking for in my friends list because of that. So I always call everyone by their legacy name whether they like it or not.
  14. In Firestorm you can turn off showing display names in Preferences/General tab so all you'll see are people's legacy names. You can also have it so you'll see both names over their heads.
  15. "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" "Build it and they'll come" If you're spending a ton of cash just to please other people then you need to rethink things. Spend the money on your sim to make yourself happy because you're the only one who matters. You don't know everyone's circumstances such as maybe they had to log off quick for whatever reason and they'll come back later. There are some things you can do too like submitting your Slurl to SL Destinations to be featured. If accepted, it's one way to get noticed by a lot of residents. If you think it's a good sim for photo taking, contact the Blogger/Vlogger Network so they'll add it to photogenic sims list on their website. I'm sure there are a lot of other marketing ideas out there too. No matter what you end up doing, stop referring to residents as ungrateful. Who wants to visit a sim created by someone who acts like a 2 year old because they're not getting their way and resulting in name-calling?
  16. Grammatical errors. It's supposed to be "People WHO complain about nonsense". You're not alone though. Lots of people do it but it drives me insane. Well, they asked... lol
  17. I wanted so much to like Lelutka but every head I tried I ended up looking like a 13 year old girl. I gave up on it. When I bought the Genus classic, I still wasn't thrilled but when the Genus Strong came out, I was in love. The only thing I don't like is that you can't store skins, makeups etc. in the Hud like you can with Catwa. Oh and you can't wear multiple layers of things either. That's a bummer, but I'm willing to sacrifice it because that head is gorgeous.
  18. I used Catwa for years and loved my Catya head. However, now I'm wearing Genus strong and there is a distinct difference in the quality. I think Catwa may go the way of Slink eventually. Anyway, you are correct that there is a lot made for the Catwa head but there's also a lot for Lelutka too and Genus is catching on as well. You can also buy Omega versions of things which will work with all those heads too.
  19. Leave it. Besides, LL will remove it for you if they get tired of the complaining by the offended party.
  20. You don't like '1111112222223333' as a name either? Lol Those kill me.
  21. When I joined in 2006 I was given a list of last names to choose from and so I only had to pick a first name. LL changed the list of last names every so often so when you'd start seeing newer last names you sort of had some idea when they were "born". The worst thing LL did was to let people choose their last names or keep "Resident" in my opinion. I also dislike display names. Some people have a multitude of names they go by and it gets confusing. I call everyone by the name they originally chose because I have display names turned off. 😀
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