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  1. You're not hurting my feelings or going to get a rise out of me. I voted for the guy and will again. I appreciate your attempt though. Lol
  2. If they didn't ask, there'd be a post about the many ways you could sue LL for not verifying who you are. Again, there is no number you can call, in this day and age, that your identity isn't verified FIRST!
  3. Rule of thumb is that if you initiated the call and they ask those questions then you're OK to answer. It's for your protection! What if your simple non-account specific questions turned into more account specific? Also, there is no where you can call nowadays that doesn't ask you security questions first and to verify your identity, so I don't really understand why you felt so put out.
  4. I never liked Plurk either. One more thing I forgot to mention is to apply to "blogger feeds" such as Be Happy in SL. Once your blog is accepted, it will reach far more people. If you post on Flickr, also post it to numerous groups there for exposure. Don't forget to follow people and fave. Same thing applies to Facebook. If you want exposure, you're going to have to do some work to get it. 👍 Http://www.lindareddevil.com (thought I'd slip that in there) lol
  5. Flickr is still quite active! Discord also has groups or servers you can join for bloggers and post a link to your recent post there. Join in-world blogger support groups and advertise your blog there too.
  6. I only post when I feel I can be helpful or I just have to voice my opinion. I don't do it for any likes or to increase the amount of posts I have.
  7. I found this page - scroll all the way to the bottom where it mentions a server for purchase and a link. http://www.nemesys-soft.com/iOS/SecondLifeNotifier_EN.html
  8. I use firestorm and haven't had any issues. Have you tried another viewer to see if the same issue exists? When you say you've uninstalled and then reinstalled Firestorm are you doing a clean install? https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/doku.php?id=fs_clean_install&rev=1573527213.
  9. Funny you should bring this up since last week I visited a few Welcome Areas and even Help Island because I was bored. Nothing has changed in the 13 years since I last visited those places. I agree with you! At least show what is capable in SL, what one can aspire to be, etc. by something as simple as slideshows or a TV playing YouTube videos. Something. Anything.
  10. Yes, yes that too and which falls under setting filters as I mentioned. I was trying to keep it simple for the OP. Bottom line is that the Recent tab is invaluable!
  11. Even simpler, is to setup the filters and use the "recent" tab of your inventory which will show everything purchased, and in which folder, during your online session. Once you log out you'll have to find it using keywords or by logging in to SL on another computer and then using the recent tab on that computer.
  12. Start here since it's a good resource for starting out. There's links to photogenic sims and YouTube tutorials and workshops etc. http://www.bvnsl.com/
  13. Do you have a lot of inventory? Maybe it's taking its sweet time uploading everything. Log in and walk away from your computer for an hour or two to let it catch up. It's just an idea. 😊
  14. I make it a point not to go out with men smaller and prettier than I am. 😜 There are times, though, some of these guys in the ads just make me want to contact the seller to find out if they're available. Yesterday at Access event I came across a vendor with this guy with wild red hair and who looked like Carrot Top (comedian). I'm not into redheaded men but damn he looked so good in the ad that I just stood there perv cramming while my imagination ran wild. 😋
  15. It's the Catwa signature. It can be turned off though but maybe it makes some feel smart 🧠 by keeping it visible. Why ruin the illusion for them?
  16. This too has happened to me for years now. I always enjoy checking my email to see the missing piece of the puzzle in the conversation I'd been having. I'm interested to know why it happens too.
  17. I remember the Mentors and actually I applied to be one several years later. I figured I would pay it forward considering the dragon helped me. I never heard from LL so instead I became a SL model. Do they still have the Mentor program?
  18. A little over 13 years ago I read an article about Second Life in our local newspaper and it sounded interesting so I went home, created an avatar and logged on. I ended up on Orientation Island at first and then I ended up being teleported to Korea9 when I clicked on a billboard. I stayed there for an entire week because I didn't know how to use my map or search or teleport anywhere else. I met a dragon (some really young kid in RL) who taught me how to teleport and then a whole new set of options opened up for me. It was a good thing he did because I was just about ready to leave Second Life for good since I couldn't understand the point if I never did anything or went anywhere. Anyway, I never did thank the dragon, though, because once I left Korea9 I never went back.
  19. Continue to work because you know damn well that one way or another that "handsome" person will rip your heart out somehow by lying, cheating, drinking too much or using you because you make more money than he does. The fantasy is always better than the reality so admire from afar as you would a nice painting.
  20. I would have guessed that pic was at least circa 10 years ago and not 2. 🤐 On another note, I'd look into the theft matter.
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