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  1. There is a blast from the past and may it stay there. Remember, if you say it three times..it shows up.
  2. Patch has posted an update on the release of the stilt homes. It appears that there may possibly be a release in early Decemberish.
  3. A Victorian appears to be up right now. No idea on where it is located but there is one there.
  4. I almost spit my coffee out when I loaded up the page and there was a houseboat, camper, Victorian, and a log home showing as available...at the same time! I have my Victorian, which I'm totally in love with, but I do like to see what is going on, so I pop on the page occasionally. I'm going to venture a guess that the new selection is because the stilt homes are on their way.
  5. This one is the one that I keep picturing in my head when I look at his Flickr photo. Something like this possibly or like the one @Syo Emeraldis showing from Germany.
  6. I'm actually thinking English cottage style. It's giving me that vibe and if it is that, I will have to have one of those little beauty's.
  7. I love the Arizona style, it's a beautiful style of home. I'm hoping that we see either a nice bungalow or an English Cottage style in the future. The landscaping for either one would be beautiful, though with the English Cottage, you could really have a lot of fun with that one.
  8. I first heard of Second Life through some Sims 2 players. Around 2006-2007, I did make an avatar but realized that I would have to pay each month to join and play, so I changed my mind and backed out. In very late 2008, some of us were talking about online games and SL was mentioned once more. When I commented on the fact that it was a monthly fee, one of the girls who was on SL already, explained that it was no longer that. In 2009, I made another avatar in Second Life, since I hadn't finished with the first one in registering her. It was so different compared to Sims 2 and I loved it.
  9. It's been quite a while since the last time I seen only 16,545 people on the grid. I'm sort of getting a bit of a deja vu feeling going seeing that number and it has been quite some time since it took LL this long to fix an issue. I can't help but wonder what broke that would take this long to fix....
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