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  1. you can also consider creating your own textures with Filter Forge. There are textures online that you can download and tweak, and you can generate your own designs.
  2. blakopal Galicia


    Even better ... here are tutorials on Marvelous Designer and SL, including links to a set of SL avatars in various sizes optimized for MD4. Ditko University tutorials
  3. I agree, Marvelous Designer gives really remarkably realistic fabric effects that just wouldn't be possible, or would take ridiculous amounts of time. I know, I've tried. ... but I would never upload an outfit directly from there. the real skill is being able to optimize 3D models for SL. It is work, but I enjoy the process. I use Cinema 4D to perfect my clothes and do the weighting.
  4. you can create symmetrical pieces ... make one side, then copy, right-click and select "paste symmetrical". this creates mirror image pieces that are linked. if you adjust a point on one piece, or add stitching, it updates on the opposite piece. i think this is new in MD4.
  5. " I was hoping I could take some furniture/houses I already own and turn them into mesh." yeah, that's really stealing someone else's design (also known as IP theft) and is a big no-no. better to make something yourself or find a mesh designer that has created what you're looking for and support them.
  6. i'm happy to share that mesh rigging is now available in C4D ... all you need is the new LL rigged mesh avatar, which contains the rigged avatar and bones. i'm still working out how to get it all to work, but my first tests have been very positive!
  7. it might be possible to do your tree in several mesh segments and animate the segments giving the appearance of a solid mesh tree that is moving. (think trunk, big limbs, smaller limbs with leaves) attaching the mesh objects to each other the same way you would with legacy prims. you can even add flexi prims for leaves that way. mesh doesn't have to mean one solid block.
  8. i also still have non-rigged mesh outfits with the occasional attached mesh pieces where they make sense.
  9. a good mesh should be optimized for LOD ... that is, reducing the number of polygons for "level of detail" when seen at varying distances. in other words, a highly detailed mesh doesn't need to be so highly detailed when viewed from a distance, however, it should still retain the basic shape of whatever it is, and not become a jumbled mess of blocky polygons.
  10. Here's my take on that style. I call it caberet. BlakOpal Chanteuse Dress
  11. All of my clothes are copy/mod ... which allows people to adjust things to fit, with a backup copy if they don't do such a good job the first time.
  12. i use Cinema 4D, but there are several 3D modeling programs available. find one that is in your price range and learn it. also, follow the mesh boards, and look for videos on youTube. there are lots of people posting good tips and 'best practices' to get your mesh to load fast and give the best results. definately get a hang of LOD factors. (the ability to generate mesh of varying complexity depending on the distance it's being viewed). it took me a long time to finally grasp how to create and upload mesh objects that work well in world. but now it's just lots of fun!
  13. something like this Palace Slipper perhaps?
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