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  1. Just to make things clear, acording to ToS, its never allowed to share ims. Thats how it is now. I do have to say that LL made a huge misstake adding this to ToS, there are non what so ever reason to have it in ToS. The thing is soo simple, it should say in ToS that : All information that a resident chose to share in IM, chat or in there profile, is concidered public, if i dont want anyone in SL to know something about me, i simply dont say it in sl, or add it to my profile, there are other ways like mail to do that if i so chose. And if you read this LL, so dont even try to come with any bull about laws and stuff, this is all youres decission. Just change youre misstake LL and make the residents happy, so that business owners can keep running there business, without opening websites for there staff to be able to run something in SL, It cant be that hard to admitt you made wrong, change it, and you are all forgiven, not even LL are more then humans. The best from Phantom Khandr.
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