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  1. I was also missing 2 out of 12 items after the update. Relisting them helped but somehow the fact that they were "delisted" in the first place can't be really intentional, given that I didn't receive any notification about that. However, I did not check whether they showed up when searching for adult items because I didn't think about that (they are _not_ actually adult - at least they're not supposed to be ^^).
  2. After the update today I seemed to be missing 2 out of 12 items. I re-listed them without making any actual changes and they showed up in "my store" again. I didn't check whether they showed up when searching for adult items when they were missing though (none of them actually contains adult content by the way). I did not receive any message telling me that or why they were possibly put into another rating - and the rating was not actually changed in the listings' properties anyway. Is this just some flaw? If not, the merchant should be notified about the exact reason for changes to the listings.
  3. Thanks Steve for pointing out that the latest mesh-development viewer build isn't the 2.4.0 version that is referred to in the video. How come that the 215872 build of the mesh-development branch is a 2.4.0, but the later builds (215879, 215883) are 2.1.2? ^^ Edit: The DOF effect is pretty cool, but what I find even more amazing are the texture projectors with realtime shadows - which are actually pretty fast and accurate The shadows are working quite nicely for me in this build in general.
  4. Ah. Replying to myself just for the records, so nobody wonders what "Released" button I was talking about in my former post... now the upper button row when viewing an issue looks very different from how it looked yesterday and it offers all the different resolutions in a menu. Now it makes sense.
  5. Wow - thank you for mentioning that "Released" is the new "Resolved". I didn't realize that this button - being the only one in the row of buttons up there with no helping mouseover text - is meant to close an issue as fixed. Especially because the form that comes up then looks _exactly_ like the "Assign" form. I don't know if it's only me, but I was rather irritated.
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