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  1. Selling (not renting) Full Private Island Region 15,000 prim limit. Tier due date in July 21st, 2014. Must submit ticket through Lindens Labs for purchase. Contact Johnathan Racecourse in-world or reply to this post. Farewell, I am retiring. John
  2. Tal, Looking for a male or couple (male and female) Inn Keeper at the Prison of Gor. You will run the entire Inn with a small tavern inside. Looking for somebody who wants to live on the SIM for free. IM Johnathan Racecourse for details.
  3. Tal, Looking for a mesh clothing creator to make a full perm ragged camisk (dirty prison ripped style -- brownish in color) for females. Also, a male thrail with shirt is needed for the male prisoners of Gor. Etched stamp on the back of the clothing in black saying, "Prison of Gor Inmate" IM or NC Johnathan Racecourse for getting hired.
  4. ALCON, I would like three alpha font textures (signs) made this weekend by somebody who is actually available. Please contact me inworld. I will pay 400L each.
  5. Attention Photoshop Pros, What to make 300-400L per simple alpha texture sign in SL. Come talk to me inworld for details. I have about 5 signs which need to be done. Will need to use Viking font. Johnathan Racecourse
  6. All Medieval/Gorean Cothing and Weapons Makers, Receive a free store at my SIM....only if you make medieval gorean products and weapons. 20 prim limit for your vendor. IM me inworld. Thanks! Jon
  7. Need somebody to create a script for me to lay inside a prim so that it can be touched, any avatar can type a name in open chat to add the avatar to the board, load notecards, selecting from 20 crimes committed from a blue menu driven system, and be able to load a picture of the wanted criminal. This board will be called the "Fugitve Reporting Board" for any avatar in SL to report somebody for a crime. I will give you the list of crimes to be loaded in the selection menu and will pay well for a job well done. Contact Johnathan Racecourse inworld to be hired. I prefer somebody with extensive experience in scripting please.
  8. Now Hiring dancers (100L per 2 hours), DJs (300L per hour), and experienced club managers (2,000L per week) for the new and improved Collar Castle of 2011! Come celebrate with us the reopening of the new SIM. Random money ball release every 10 minutes, so you can get paid even more while working on the full Island SIM. SURL visit link below: http://snipr.com/27r0qo
  9. Collar Castle (CC) is Back for the Hunt! New and improved, CC BDSM Strip Club, Large Welcome Area with 12 Timed Auction Slaves Boards, Weekly Club Contests, DJs (All DJs Welcome to Apply for Weekend Slots), Music, Arena Matches, Last Man Standing, Gender Matches, Free for All, Capture the Flag, all located on a spacious Slave Hunt Island SIM with private rooms inside a Gothic Castle! Come check it out and be the judge how much CC has brought a host of everything for roleplayers to come and relax....even grab a new slave or win some free lindens on the random money ball while you are here! See you there! SURL Below to VIsit: http://snipr.com/27r0qo
  10. Strippers and Greeters needed at Collar Castle. Region name "Collar Castle" is the same as the name of the establishment. Look us up. Contact Johnathan Racecourse in-world if you are interested in a job. JR
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