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  1. None of that answered my question, It simply tried to indicate the issue is more on my end in regards to internet connection. Driving to fast across sim borders and wearing to many huds and AO's. One I drive very slowly across sim borderes, I have no problem crossing other sim borderes prior. So If I run into an issue, I look at all options prior to trying to send a report. If there is a sculptiy to close to the roadway it will have an invisible prim that will cause a blockage in the road. When I am driving and I see a sim crossing, and can see ahead into other sim but the road ends at crossing but everything rlse is clearly visibal. I can drive into that sim with no problem but when the road ends the vehicle drops into the canyon at which the road used to lay. This is not an internet connection issue. It means the roads are gone. I can walk to the other end of that sim and see where the road would connect to the next sim at the sim border. Also, I have never seen a mole working, I know they do but I just have never seen one. Yet they are not like me as a mortal Resident like me. Moles are paid by Lindens working Min of 15 hours aweek. I can't be one simply because I don't live in one of the states required by Linden Labs. I don't have a problem with that. I wish to remain a voluntare as Im enjoying my time trying to be useful and helping them out when I do see something that needs attension. The only way I can do this is by sending a report to them and letting them know where the issue is and they will get to it when they can. So back to the original question at hand. How do I send Support Ticket to the maintnance Dept. Of Linden Labs. Not Technical problems but inworld issues?
  2. As I was driving mainland crossing into another sim, My vehicle froze and wouldn't move anymore. Not only was I having trouble at the sim crossing but the Auto vehicle traffic was also being caught up at the locations to. So I come to community to find out how and who to report this to, I thought I was answered and ended up filing a support tick through Secondlife?Create-Case . Now As I do drive through mainland I would like to report issues in regards to bad crossings, SLbridges out from one sim to the next. Other issues that may be more issues for the Moles to work out. So is there a support sytrm that they go through. Now I have just come across a sim within mainland that all the roads have dissappeared.
  3. I would like to be a mole but I do not live in one of the required states. I have built roads and bridges for other sims and if they still exist my roads are still in place and being used. I have been searching every sandbox to find something. I can build on flat land but prefer to build on land already developed to fit. so the build goes with land without terraforming . Thank you for replying
  4. I am looking for big giant sandbox but quite and with real land around. I like building bridges and roads and need room and land that is not just flat. So does anyone know of place I can go to build with hills and mountains? Kenny Carfield
  5. How do I file a ticket? I am driving the mainland current location Ski Runs, Wengen (81, 254, 92) - General. Once crossing into sim vehicle will no longer go forward, Also the Auto vehicles are getting stuck there to. I just wanted to report this to whoever can fix the problem. All I am finding is how to file but once going to site it doesn't exist. Kenny Carfield
  6. I enjoy driving on the mainland but I have encountered a few problems. There are Auto Traffic creators, I think they should be phantoms, so annoying to be rammed by a driverless car and not knowing to stop. They have a start and end point I know and appearently they know too and that's why they just keep ramming you, to get to point B. And I will go back and check again but some of them are on the wrong side of road. So maybe placement needs to be adjusted a little. I do tend to stop and look at shops on my drives as well. And it would be nice for shopping areas to have a shoulder to pull over onto to keep road clear for others. Also I have stepped out of my car to check out a shop and my vehicle was immediatly returned. I would think the time would be a little more. Also when I see a problem in regards to slbridges being out and or vehicles stuck in the air due to sim crossings, Is the best place to report that, Through Support ticket? Kenny Carfield
  7. The DPW Logo I had made is in no resemblence to the Linden or Second Life logo. It was created for my own Department of Public Works Group, I created while building the roadways for the balsa Region.
  8. I actually have had very little problem at sim crossings. Are you part of Linden?
  9. I have been on second life for a while now, I took a break after the death of my daughter and am getting back into SL. Alot has changed while being gone. Now I simply spend hours driving the roads of the mainland. I really have no interaction with anyone and don't really plan on it but I do prefer certain vehicles. My police crusiers and My own DPW logo vehicle. Is there a rule against that? I have no power to do anything with them and don't try to do anything. This is in no way to impersonate any of the lindens. Kenny Carfield SLN
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