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  1. I came across this post as well on a major supplier of resources that I am sure many here have used to create content for Second Life and their new stance on the new TOS that needs to be known by the community http://www.renderosity.com/renderosity-products-not-allowed-at-second-life-cms-16783
  2. I came across this tutorial that walks you thru setting up your workspace in Blender so it best matches with Sl measurments and hope it is useful to you and all who read this post Setting Up Your Workspace I used to make a seperate workspace just for when I do builds for SL in Blender hope it helps
  3. Thank you Chic yes I see the logic and now I am feeling a bit more assured since my final build does not resemble the tutorials final object that my final object is different than the tutorial because what I took from the tutorial was more how to achieve a certain look and style the tutorial in mention was how to model a Barcelona Chair now I was not going to model the whole chair but found how to do the leather cushion of the chair to my liking for something I been working on now because this tutorial was originally made for Blender 2.49 and I am currently using 2.65 I had to look up other reference info to be able to get similar results in the current version of Blender which lead me on how to carry out similar steps with in the current vision of Blender. Now my finished version is different enough that except for using some similar modifiers their finished object is much more superior to my own plus I had to make modifications to be able to even upload as a mesh into SL due to Sl own limitations. But I see everyone's point and do greatly appreciate all the input from all of you thank you
  4. Thank you Dilbert many of the tutorials are Gaia's from the machinimatrix site and youtube those gave me the basis for getting a grip and learning Blender grant far from any expert yet but and then watching many of the tutorials on Youtube of course but not many of the great people who put up tutorials do not add any disclaimer or guide as to how you can use what you make from their tutorials. Like the one item I am finishing up actually was not from one tutorial but several all modeling the same object but with the use of different tools and such and I took what worked best for me form each so in that case it is not just one tutorial I followed but a few and even then I am only taking the a part of what was modeled and adding it into something totally different than their final object. Like for example I took how to model a leather cushion for a chair and using that to model a cushion for a sort of mattress in a different mesh object.
  5. You might want to look at the Open Collar Cuffs set they have the ability to do this thru the collar menu and cuff plug in that might be able to help you find the answer you need. They are open source so you can modify or develope what you need from there hope it helps some
  6. Your more than welcome I was just lucky to still had them since I got them maybe over a year ago I will leave them available for awhile so anyone who still needs them or wants them can get them
  7. Rainbow OHare wrote: Hi, I'm just starting out with ZBrush, and I've been following this tutorial, He mentions ZBrush avatar models that you can download, but the links are broken, and I can't find the files ANYWHERE, it's impossible to find up to date tutorials these days! Does anyone have a download link to SL avatar models I can use in ZBrush 4? Hello I actually remember that YouTube video and actually had the file discriped in the video saved to my hard drive I will post a link to the file it was made for Zbrush 3 but sure it might work with Zbrush 4 never tried it in 4 yet myself Z3_SL_Avatar_ZTools Hope it helps :smileywink:
  8. Thanks for the additional links Indigo have watched many of The Machinimatrix videos but needing to learn blender as a whole makes following them much more useful
  9. Daz will give you a serial number to activate Hexagon if you go to your account and to available Serial if it is not there then contact DAZ support they will send you and list your serial in your account. I bought Hexagon when it wasn't free but when they issued the free new version you needed to request for a serial number. Personally I like Hexagon as a modeler the interface has been easier to learn than Blender but now that there are more good quality tutorials for blender that specifically relate to mesh learning Blender is becoming easier.
  10. Just wanted to say thank you for your tutorial even thou I already use Avastar you tutorial was informative to understanding mesh more and did get some useful information from it. Again thank you for sharing
  11. Picking up Hexagon as well as Byrce since they are still free wouldnt hurt you may at some point want to get into modeling to mesh objects and that is something you can do with hexagon granted blender will still come into the work flow even if you use Hexagon but I got my start using Hexagon and has made my transition to Blender a little less painful in my learning curve just an opinion.
  12. Thank you Gaia and sorry for how I worded things about Primstar and Avastar was not meaning to take credit away from anyone but when ever I think about either Primstar or Avastar it is the tutorials and information you have on http://blog.machinimatrix.org/ that fills in many of the blanks when it comes to learning Blender in general and on that note let me add something that might help others as well I came across this chart that has helped me allot especially with the current keyboard short cuts for Blender that well I cant memorize but having printed this up has help some hope that if will help anyone else who happens to be new and learning blender
  13. I have tried running zip installs and not sure if I am doing something incorrectly but I usually get an error when I attempt to run a version from a zip install that it can’t find python or forget what the other errors was but had something to do with some incorrect parameters. I use SLAV but I also own both the primstar and avastar packages that Gaia has developed which lets me do about the same thing that SLAV add on does but I would like to run from zip installs if I could get it to work right. Maybe I am not doing something correctly in that regard last time I tried running from zip installs was back with Blender 2.6 prior to the current collada fix that was introduced in 2.62
  14. Thank you all for your information I had my leanings towards using the 64 bit version of Blender but earlier adaptations of it were not fully stable especially prior to 2.5. I do have more than sufficient memory to take advantage of the 64bit having 8 gigs of memory. I know moving from 2.49 to and going thru all the recent updates from 2.5 to now 2.63 has been a learning curve of its own especially things being moved around from one location to another which at times makes following some tutorials difficult. having learned most modeling techniques in Hexagon and Silo which have not changed much in interface and the commands or tools in each package is in the same place. Blender seems to move them around the interface with each new incarnation but seems for rigging and weights seems the only viable tool for making mesh for SL.
  15. I had similar issues as you have discribed since I use Silo, Hexagon when it came to the what seem more complicated rigging of mesh clothing. Till I watched this very extensive series of videos that seemed to those far worked for me. I create my model using the SL default OBJ file and then import the saved obj of my new model into Blender and following the tutorial in the link below I can get the model rigged. Granted have had to watch the video a few times and still having a few issues but finding this work flow best thus far for the modelers I use hope it helps