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  1. Whenever I have a row with my wife it always finishes that the guilty one is me. If I did not answer Bumme doubts I would be a scammer. If I answered, I am accused of shameless plug. Why do I always have to be a loser?! :-) Here come ans wers for your questions, sorry that do not directed personally. I do hope I explained that Podex Exchange is not a fake company and I am not scammer myself. Let’s go to Bank Zachodni WBK. You can just google this company to find out that this is Polish bank but as a matter of fact part of Banco Santander, the biggest financial institution in euro area
  2. Hello all, I am the owner of Podex Exchange, the ‘scam company’ who offers VISA card for avatars as well as buy or sell lindens. I can perfectly understand the doubts that avatars have so let me explain some of them. 1) PODEX VISA CARD. It is a new product on Second Life market offer so it is normal it can look suspicious, especially for people who never used Podex service. Here is some clarification. Podex card, and Podex Exchange itself, is in no way connected with Linden Lab, but it is a real, plastic VISA card with PIN code etc. Of course there are no lindens on it but real money,
  3. I would suggest other third party exchange . Some of them have internal verification procedures and with a sum of 2 000 LS you will surely find one to buy it.
  4. Z lekka niesmialoscia, bo to wszak lindenowskie forum... tez sie witam. Czy dostep do forum maja wszyscy, czy trzeba miec podlaczona karte pod konto? Kiedys karta byla wymagana:(
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