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  1. Snowy rectangular plot sloping to Linden river, near Linden Road and railway (I had a bridge from the land to the road with no problems) and not far from the skiing area. Sim edge as you can see from the map below, with 9717 prims available. Long established neighbours and the only land on this sim that's available. For sale for L$101,000. Taxi to the land --> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skari/155/198/110 View from the river. Map of the area showing plot for sale, waterway, road and railway. Any questions please ask
  2. That's something I used to (and still do on the areas that I have now) do - but as you say, it's in the hope that people actually read the information and tenants notecards. Sadly some don't.
  3. Bear in mind though that there can be time differences, I remember when I was landlord (commercial and residential) several years ago that I had a tenant that seemed to expect an immediate answer at 3am my time. Unless you are dealing with someone that has support staff located around the world - or that work night shifts - it’s never going to happen.
  4. I own a largish plot of snow land (30,000 m2) and, although I would respect your right to "seasonalise" it as you wish, I would feel a little miffed that someone has brought snow land (that there isn't a great deal of) and is changing it to summer for example. If it was next to me I'd probably try to screen it off so that my visitors didn't see the clash in seasons. As I say though, there's nothing to actually stop you doing it but ...
  5. After many years of using Firestorm I didn't know that - I always use the land sales tab, set the size parameters and the look on the map to see where the plot is. That way you get all the land marked for sale. Of course, it takes a bit longer to narrow down the land you are looking for.
  6. Moonglow on Skari is a winter themed area (not a whole region but it is 20,000m2) at https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Skari/233/149/107
  7. I can remember many years ago paying over $20/m for waterfront and thinking it a bargain. Mind you, 8+ years ago you never saw land at much less than $10 and getting abandoned land for $1/m was a real bargain
  8. The USD trick works well - I use it almost monthly to trickle USD into my account to pay tier. Basically you offer to buy L$ at 999L per 1USD (no one would sell at this conversion rate) via the limit option. Then click the purchase button and let the transaction go though. Check your transaction history for the conversions and you will see that it's outstanding - cancel the offer and the USD then hits your Linden Labs account. Of course, this doesn't actually pay the tier until LL run their monthly billing cycle so the money would be there for you to convert to L$ and spend in other ways but if you are planning on being away from SL for a while and want to keep some land that's probably the easiest way if you don't want to just have a balance in Paypal (or use your credit card/ debit card on a monthly basis).
  9. I am selling this unique homestead (shaped as a paw). The tier is paid up until the 27th July and I will pay the transfer fee. This homestead will only cost you $250 (USD). Take a look at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maenan/181/194/23 to see the actual land - it currently joins onto out full region and must be moved after purchase - you don't have to rename if you don't want to, that;s entirely up to you. As always, to buy this homestead you must already own a full private island.
  10. Come and visit Argoed at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Argoed/223/159/40 - this beautifully landscaped sim has several areas for you to explore as well as Dragons, Dwarfins, Yumis and others both in their natural surroundings and for sale in Bargain Breedables. Come and explore the whole sim, feed the swans, spot the fish, see the "Northern lights" and enjoy yourself in this relaxing region.
  11. We are renting out our homestead at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maenan/228/191/23 for $L6895 a week. This is a uniquely shaped set of islands ideal for a neko or furry as you will see from the world map. We have some decoration down so there are only 3300 prims available and we ask that any ground level buildings are in keeping with our neighbouring full sim (although you are obviously welcome to build anything on a sky platform) and that you don't alter the terrain. Please come and have a look at the land (and our full sim next to it). The rental box is next to the bridge but I'm happy to move that to somewhere else on request. If you have any questions just give me a yell, either in world or on here. Thanks for looking.
  12. Group owned land (if it's on the mainland) is still Linden mainland - it's just that it's been previously brought by someone and they are now selling it. To buy land direct from LL you will have to look at auctions now as over the past years all the mainland will have been brought and sold several times. The land on the auctions is generally land that has been abandoned by the previous owner so LL is able to sell it again.
  13. I tend to do it using the edit land (4 metre square / multiply the number of sqaures by 4) method but there is another way to do this. Stand on the corner of the plot, take a note of the co-ords in the viewer top bar and then walk to the next corner, take a note of the co-ords there and walk to the next corner, again take a note of the co-ords and so on. You will end up with something like 0,16,20 & 16,16,21 for the first two, this means that the two corners are 16 metres apart (and the 2nd corner is one metre higher than the other).
  14. I've run several clubs on the mainland and never had any problems - as others have said, talk to your neighbours and try not to interfer with their enjoyment. Also, remember that you can't run sex clubs on normal mainland, they have to be on adult land and you can't run gaming clubs at all (I think) on mainland after the gaming policy last year.
  15. I'd like to add a suggestion to the product search - could we not have an option to search for available items only? I often search for breedables and more often then not the items I look at are no longer available - surely if LL knows that the item isn't available there is no need to display them in the search results (unless specifically asked to).
  16. All I have done is drop the breedables into the magic box - I didn't have to box them. I did find that it took two or three attempts to sync the magic box from in-world and even then it wasn't fast at updating the marketplace inventory, I seem to remember leaving it overnight and coming back in the morning to find 160+ items ready to be edited and listed. Don't forget that you have to set the item to limited and quantity of one when you are listing the item or it won't be listed.
  17. The page on the UK HMRC (tax authority) that deals with this - https://www.gov.uk/register-and-use-the-vat-mini-one-stop-shop - says that there is a Non-Union VAT MOSS scheme for businesses based outside the EU (for example, the USA, Canada, China). I think the Eu are trying to apply the tax to every business that sells digital content to consumers in the EU - note that this only applies if you are selling to consumers so if the "person" you are selling, say textures, to is a business and their SL business is backed up by a RL one there is no need to apply the tax. Of course, if you are an individual selling to consumers you don't fall under this rule at all - I suspect that many SL "businesses" wouldn't be considered a business by the tax authorities but then I'm no tax lawyer. All in all, very confusing.
  18. Gently sloping plot on this grass sim. This 47552m plot is almost 3/4 (72.5%) of the sim and will hold 10883 prims. The only reason we are selling is that we now have a private region. Priced to sell at L$40,000, that's a price per m2 of L$0.84 Visit this plot at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Atlit/115/91/59
  19. Which sim is it (name) - my other half is definately interested as when I read this out to her she sighed and started to remind me of the great times we had visiting the Isle of Wyrms
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