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  1. Message me Inworld...Justise Barcelos Jbc Architecture
  2. Plaeas contact me InWorld Justise Barcelos Jbc Architecture
  3. I am also Interested in your Sim? Contact me Inworld, Justise Barcelos JBC Menswear and Architecture
  4. I am looking to purchase a full region. I prefer a grandfathered region, but for the right price will purchase and buy-down the tier pricing myself. Please contact me in-world or send a note card. Thank you. Justise Barcelos
  5. and this did not work ...Log into Second Life using the Phoenix 1.6 viewer 1. Search their Inventory for the 'Merchant Outbox' folder 2. Right click on the Folder and choose "Restore" 3. Log out of Second Life 4. Log into Second Life using the Official Second Life Viewer and also tried Merchant Outbox Project Viewer can someone PLEASE help
  6. DON'T FEEL BAD ,, I CAN'T EITHER, iVE TRIED EVERYTHING, stuck on initializing.....Frustrating,Justise Barcelos
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