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  1. It moves to 4000m up when rezzed, and is full alpha. If you turn on "highlight invisible" and go to 4000m, it should be there. When it sends spam there will be a TP link to its exact location.
  2. These ExDepart objects seem to have my name on as creator - I have a lot of full permissions free scripts and objects around - which has led to a lot of semi-coherent insults directed at me via IM by people who do not understand griefing tactics, permissions or simple politeness. I would like to point out that clearly I have nothing to do with this nonsense, but I fear that anyone sensible enough to look at the forums before taking action is probably too sensible to send out spittle-flecked rants to people they don't know in the first place. So it is unlikely to do much good. Oh well.
  3. Well, you could just set a timer for 86400 seconds, if you only want a report once per day at the same time that you reset the script.
  4. Forgive me if I do not jump up and down in delight at the news that "group chat issues will definitely be resolved in X months' time". I have heard that *forever* - in blog posts, directly from Lindens, from all sorts of sources over literally years. The group chat issue utterly baffles me. I simply do not believe that it is treated as really being important at all. There are many potential reasons for that but none of them are at all complimentary. This is functionality that is, quite literally, as important as being able to rez prims.
  5. As has been mentioned above, previous versions for the Mac allowed the anti-aliasing setting to be turned on, if ineffectively - which was vital as the presets graphics settings involved anti-aliasing. This one generates a white screen if anti-aliasing is on - move the slider to "High" or above and it will do this. For those meeting a white screen which they didn't previously have, there are no hints as to the solution. This is, you know, a serious bug. Was this version tested?
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