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  1. One thing to do is make sure that the Venue's you visit are informed of the following. Have their hosts scan every so often and let their guests know that a Progeny member is scanning the crowd. they might even ban them from attending. this lot are to be avoided they use a vampire system that unlike Bloodlines allows them to feed without the "victim" being given any option. Their actions are wholly disrespectful and is involving those not in their system to be involved without their premission. "To detect Progeny fangs. In FireStorm, go to "world" > "area search". In "filter" deselect attachment and physical, then type "progeny" in the search. I tested it and it works. It shows any avatar wearing Progeny fangs. Then minimize the area search so you can maximize it at any time.
  2. wow, cant be true, that people are logged in but really not inworld, and can't log out, cause someone said Linden trying to keep their number up of people who are logged???? and they submit tickets and said they have to wait till the next update to be logged out. so they out in the cold????? It just cant be a numbers game?
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