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  1. 14 years since February 6th, 2004. My avatar should be able to get a driver license soon.
  2. Since he is implementing a data export feature it should be very possible to implement either an import utility to help you move your purchase lists / gift cards to a new system or at the very least design a temporary redelivery system for E2V based purchases until such an importer is available. I'll be looking into what kind of work this would require when the export feature is made available. If anyone wants to work with me on this, feel free to IM me in-world.
  3. Try to create a default script by selecting the "New Script" button in the prim contents. A new script should appear in the prim, freshly compiled from the default template. If the object does not instantly say "Hello, Avatar!" in chat, then the parcel or region you are currently located at are not allowing scripts to execute. Try going to another region.
  4. If you did not do the actions you are accused of, then Linden Lab will see this in their investigation of the issue and nothing will happen to you despite the abuse report. If the sandbox you were visiting was a private sandbox owned by a group or individual and not LL, then there's nothing much you can do about the ban beside trying to appeal to another officer of the group about this being a case of mistaken identity. In the future, a better approach to react may be to immediately inform the moderator that they have the wrong person. Asking moderators for the reason they believe yo
  5. I've noticed most avatars get famous (or infamous) by one of those three attributes: They make a popular product that you see everywhere. They make enough social noise - positive or negative - to get noticed. They've done something extraordinary that gets people talking. SL fame comes and goes pretty quickly, by the way - much of our userbase gets changed every year, with only a core membership sticking to its guns for the longer term. This swap means that unless whatever had made you famous will keep making noise well into the next generation, you will get flushed down the has-been bin s
  6. I've been fascinated by this topic for the past decade! (Oh god I'm getting old) My avatar reflects my base physical attributes like RL height and skinnyness, and my face is somewhat close. Beside that, I've based my avatar design more on my personality than my IRL body. One look at me and you can get an idea of what sort of a person you're dealing with. I view SecondLife as a "mindscape" where our minds can run around free of real world limitations and expectations. The rules are different here. Your avatar appearance represents your personality as give us clues about your comfort level wit
  7. This is something that I've been thinking about for months now - I am glad to see that this is finally possible. Kudos for figuring out the process.
  8. That is technically correct Rolig, but again - why not just use link messages? The only real advantage I see here is that the data remains readable for an extended period of time instead of being an instant broadcast that can be missed while a script is missing from the contents.
  9. Personally, I meet new people by going to discussion events. That way you can be sure to find people who will actually communicate instead of spamming gestures.
  10. Pavcules Superior wrote: Yes it is possible to create your own function libraries by using the Prim "Description" field hack. No offense, but isn't this a somewhat overly-complicated way to send strings from one script to another? Why not just use the built in link message functionality?
  11. Team Fortress 2. Basically, what used to be an amusing, cartoonish shooter game turned into something completely different when the company started letting people purchase, find, and trade hats in-game. The result: Hat collecting and trading became such an obsession that Team Fortress 2 has lost it's "shooter game" title and is now mostly refered to as a "America's #1 war-themed hat simulator". So yes. I can see Second Life becoming a contendor for the Hat Simulator title.
  12. ... anyone else getting TF2 flashbacks from a thread that's entirely dedicated to the collection and display of fancy hats? =P
  13. LSL does not have anything resembling #include, so you're going to have to keep copying code snippets for now.
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