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  1. GOH rule - one type of house = another of the same Also landmark the rail zones and TP from anywhere if you don't live near any of them I have them all on top of my FS favourites bar. Congrats on the home - see you on the rails!
  2. If anyone else is having this particular kind of fun in Bellisseria I've now got a parcel in Saltmarsh and one in Wood with tantrum house controllers but support say LL have a specialist on it so hopefully not too big a job and one solved quick!
  3. Ah I did but I got a couple of front railroads and enjoyed a while then went back to campers but thanks!
  4. I absolutely adore the style of this railway bridge I am really hoping that the region I got to name after my Dad turns out to have railway in it - he was a huge train fan...
  5. Just let my Victorian out to go camper hopping before the expire of a premium
  6. Elena is right - I love that classical style, slightly baroque with a mix of deep colours!
  7. Stilt with boat rez zone and little pier going in now ... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Puerto Seguro/173/119/23
  8. Nothing has made me want to press an abandon button less than this one
  9. I landed a Victorian in Oleander again, a very happy catch. Here is the beginning...
  10. Well, I've learnt a TON by following your tutorials @Chic Aeon lots of aha moments and I managed to progress from a rectangle tray with rectangle handles, (but I was so proud of even that moment when it came), so thank you!
  11. Sorry to leave -- I had a retiring alt there but mainly the stilt home areas did not grow on me
  12. I am downgrading everyone for a bit so their homes are being let out it seems like a quiet morning - stilt on pier came up when I let it go and is still an option on the LP
  13. Morning all I am putting the stilt on the end of a pier I got on Tuesday back in now https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sundae Afternoon/40/228/0
  14. Had mine only a short while so just getting started but so far, light with lots of plants
  15. Well it's my evening here in the UK so... Happy Christmas to my fellow home addicts, may your holidays be bright hope to see some of you inworld over the next few days (not abandoning your homes may I add) Many thanks once again @Patch Lindenand his land / mole team - yet another year of renewed excitement here in SL for me - and probably tons of headaches for yourselves so enjoy your holidays!
  16. I just went in to see my Alagoon and the house controller does not recognise me as a premium member so when things calm down I will try again
  17. I just got an abandon in Alagoon so someone out there aint listenin
  18. It really will be very easy to get one when they start fully going out
  19. Yup it makes sense. Waiting for Patch's GO a Head is the only way to avoid adding to the delay. My god some great abandons I just got a trad practically in the sea anyway!
  20. When the full release starts and everything is groovy then there is no rush, its just there and you can go through it and choose. It's best to wait until they start the full release.
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