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  1. It has been going around awhile today... https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Soggy Shore/196/28/0
  2. Glad to see you enjoyed it thanks so much for your visit!
  3. The campers are the same two atm, Soggy Shore and Sheldon. Orion Falls also came up.
  4. Thanks for stepping in everyone - this person does know how to get a camper as they were standing next to Winters Elm when I flipped Copper Kettle. I did not have time last night to write much but the Copper kettle was especially lovely with a bridge and island of it's own!
  5. I've made a start on the Halloween decor in my camper ...is it purple enough yet?!
  6. One of the loveliest camper spots on the grid - green parcel, sea view! I miss mine
  7. have not had the chance but thank you! I will find it tonight
  8. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE1189/102/27/53 is mighty fine this morning, some cabin owners of the future will have amazing views
  9. This has reminded me to drop a camper I forgot I had back in : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beaver Lagoon/55/42/37
  10. My alt accidentally ran over into another month of premium so she has a little look at the LP now and then. The camper areas I've had have been fantastic but because I got this Wood camper on my main account I am doubtful I will change it at least for now. Old clicking habits ...
  11. I did yesterday!! My alt is camper hopping I've had some amazing ones.
  12. I had one on Elk Trail too and I didn't want to let go !!
  13. Very close! The counterpart would be in Carnival
  14. The log home community treehouse in Randelsham Forest! I just popped out there to take in the decor - it is super cosy!
  15. Looking out to sea from the Camper I got in Wood the minute I let out my boat in Proud Mary. A fair trade!
  16. The treehouse is all decked out for Autumn it is really something
  17. Randelsham Forest in my new dress with my new hug puppy!
  18. Welcome and congrats! You have even more forum neighbours than you think as well my cabinet was an abandon there also!
  19. That would be a great "uplift" for all right now. That's why I keep the dream alive despite the fact it is probs just something needs fixing. I think if it gets stuck on only one Belli option with no other homes coming up then perhaps we can start flexing our fingers as that event has heralded the other major releases in the past...
  20. Same situation, it gives you the sold out, please choose another option...
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