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  1. Yes I think pC still available! Looked like a release so many boats coming up!
  2. Did Pearlcoast just go? I saw houseboats release ....
  3. Sometimes if there is a house and a boat available they will be pictured side by side and you have to click the boat to choose it. Only seen this scenario once though good luck lots of boats regions are coming together by the look of the map!
  4. Takes a up a lot of RL time and stamina to find them. They are there but there are factors that affect what you will see. I find mine by manual refresh. The last three weeks I have been fortunate enough to have been able to make time to search. It won't always be this way so I am maximising it. Best tips - look on weekdays (I look from 2pm UK time anywhere up to 10pm UK time) there are usually three releases a week and look up to half an hour or an hour afterwards for post release abandons. Anything outside of weekdays is rare but possible although really will take a lot of stamina! Auto refresh does not work for me. I hope you get one ASAP!
  5. My alt has a houseboat with lighthouse view and has some great sailing it's just in a marina and a bit laggy and crowded. The best thing about boats though is guaranteed water! The house I let go of in Wolfboro was looking out onto a bridge and canal - lovely - but too inland. Open sea / lake for me! There are some almost ready very attractive houseboat regions - good luck for getting one! *** and you can build a garden on the houseboat roofs!
  6. I just let my traditional go - houseboat life for me!
  7. Update - lettering and green has gone and these houses are not yet claimed so.... ready to go regions? I dunno - good luck!!!!
  8. My house in Wolfboro is directly to the side of Oldridge homes and to the front of Evard homes (direct neighbours I am on a corner) and these regions both have green around them and lettering up. It's a canal / river and bridges area not far from the beach! Good luck! (also if you can get the name of your property to come up in the name bar every time you refresh it saves you time when a home comes up. I did this by applying for Meadowbrook, naming then going back to the previous page). Saved me precious seconds.
  9. Just got a home in Wolfboro by the canal! Beautiful spot - just want to say that I got a home slap bang in the middle of a very flat and suburban area that made me feel claustrophobic last Wed then abandoned it to someone else on the Saturday because I was willing to go another round. Prayers answered. Could not be happier with what I now have. I was manually refreshing today and LOTS were showing for me within one minute. I kept refreshing and clicking. GOOD LUCK !!!!
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