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  1. Rick, EVEN when your lock the doors/windows the people will still be able to enter your home, to avoid this, you can go to your land´s settings and then BLOCK him/her on the land´s ban list, you can also create a group where only people on your group would be able to visit your land and finaly you can CHECK the box on the land´s settings/privacy where only AUTHORIZED people could visit you
  2. Cob, The ONLY way to avoid this situation just open About Land >>> Options and UNchecked the boxes that would allow Everybody to rez objects or bring objects onto your land. THEN return ALL the objetcs from "others" best regards
  3. Hi Yny, well there are some actions that could help you: 1- You have options in your "land tools" to disable scripts from others 2- You can try to verify the source of the problem finding and selecting the objetcs to identify the owner and then REPORT him/her; best regards
  4. hi my friend, Just for the record you can search on the MARKETPLACE website for cheap houses with lots of configurations, like a big loft, houses with pool, bathroom and so on best regards
  5. Well, You have 2 options or you buy the land and pay the monthly tier to ll or you can rent and pay lindens the the land´s owner. i sugest not waste "much" money on virtual things, cause in the end, we always lost here and there!! best regards
  6. Ivo Takacs

    Windows 8

    Sure!! The problem that second life has is VIDEO CARDS, its unbelievable!! Each new viewer version "something" weird happens!!! lol best regards
  7. Turn off all the shadows on the preferences/graphic;or use another viewer like phoneix!!all done
  8. the server hosting this region must be f*ed up! Try to sell it, and "buy a new region" good luck!
  9. lag on this amazing laptop? omg
  10. I am suddenly experiencing very bad lag on our mainland sim, never before like this. Ic this caused by our neighbors rezzing twenty-one breedable horses? If not, what could be causing this sudden spike in lag ? YES, efinitely, it is!!! How to solve this? Talk with him leave the place But this situation can happens in ANY where, even on private regions!!
  11. hi, try other viewers!!!! phoenix is really good!!
  12. 6 FULL REGIONS / transfer included! side by sideawesome layoutready to transfer!!tier date 25 (all of them) 4.000 U$ - 6 REGIONS / Each island has 15.000 prims (price is NOT negotiable) Contact: exclusively by notecard!!! best regards.
  13. well, you can fly these way on the mainland or "private cities" i recomend the linden lab mainland search on the map , if you find places where you can see LOTS of islands side by side you can give it a try:)
  14. The last ones AMD or NVIDEA are ok to go
  15. Hi , When his happens to me i just wait a few seconds (minute) and then i try again
  16. this happend to me twice (yesterday)
  17. Right click on the land and you´ll verify the ´land´s owner
  18. Shab A. EXACTLY!!! I BELIEVE THAT ONLY LINDEN LAB SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO GIVE(limited) FREEBIES!!!!! i BELIEVE THAT THESE FREEBIES SHOULD BE OFFERED WHEN THE PEOPLE LOG IN ON SECONDLIFE FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! Simple as that!!! Second Life IS dying exactly for this reason, LOTS OF FREEBIES, LOTS OF CHEAP THINGS, but the tier price IS NOT cheap at all!!! LLab doesn´t care about us, me, you, so WHY should i care (support) about them? AFTER 3 YEARS!!!!! As a premium member, i saw LOTS AMAZING lands simply disappears!!!! So i decided NOT waste my time with secondlife anymore.... Thats the reason i completely abandoned my bussiness in sl, I SOLD(almost free) ALL MY PRIVATE REGIONS (8)!!! It´s easy to see why second life is dying: Freebies everywhere!!!!! Popular places, islands are gone!; LOTS of bad implementations; Island traffic as we know ARE DEAD!! (now you have to pay LOTS of US$ to get visibility!!) a joke!!! Stores ARE closing!! (THE OLD ONES); The core users are leaving; The number of abandoned lands in mainland area IS IMPRESSIVE!!!! Do you own a private region? TRY TO RESELL IT!!!! THERES NO VALUE AT ALL!!!!!! Where are the REAL companies like IBM, CNN, GLOBO and many others? HAS GONE!!! LINDEN LAB DOESN´T HEAR US!!!!!! Well, i used to love sl, sl also changed my life, cause today i am a REAL architect outside sl (THANKS FOR THAT) SL as we know is dying!!!! There´s no future in a business like this!!! (freebies everywhere WTF???) I believe that SL is going to become a free virtual world with places to go with a few people to meet, BUT with no money on it. By the way, My premium OLD account? (LOL) Has gone !! basic account now!!! (dowgrading proccess at this time - no more a single penny to this company) Do i recomend bussiness in SL? DEFINITELY NOT ! Do i recomend SL? No! Best regards. And good luck!!
  19. Yeah, "... premiums should get 512 of abandoned free..."
  20. free land? = not possible expensive lands = YES definitely Maybe this is the reason there are LOTS of abandoned lands in mainlnad and even private sims are going away (closed, abandoned, trasfered and so on)
  21. the high prices around there really scares me!!! but the city is really woth to meet!
  22. GREAT city designed! But the high prices around there really scares me!!!
  23. (X2) best thing to do with griefers is AR them, block them, and forget about them. Do NOT give them publicity beyond telling your friends to block them as well, and soon they'll find there's nobody left who even notices their "work".
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