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  1. dismiss my typos.. was getting mad at thinking of it again! has giving them the average amout for a year of someone's year pay in the past 4 years by the way... I could of had new car instead!
  2. Almost since the the beginning of my time in SL I have owned land and has owned sims for over 3 years. Just last month I had a family emergency and was for the first time late on my tier. I called costumer service when after my account was frozen for non payment I was on my alt account and helping a renter I by mistake deleted half the objects on one of my sims. I called hoping they could help me with a roll back on the sim because the place most important I deleted/returned had 168 designers vendors with freebies in them and boy that would of been a badto replace! So calling concierge service thinking I would get call to see what I can do as the sim owner to get the sim issue resolved. I left the phone call crying. I have never in my life been treated so rudely. I understand they wouldn't help me because my account was frozen but and they stated that fact by saying, something I NOT GOING TO ARGUE WITH YOU. In the tone of voice that as rude and mean as talking to a drunk teenager. I wasn't arguing in fact. I was trying to get my questions answered and he wouldn't answer one of them. I had to say to him that there was no reason to treat me like shit because my account is frozen. Then I managed to get just one of the questions in which was, "Can a friend help me out and use their credit card?" He said... If it wasn't stolen in a smartass tone. I gave up that point and hung up the phone saying. Thanks for calling me a thief!! I wasn't in a argumentive mode when I called them and was just looking for some kind of help. I understood they wanted me to make a ticket and needed to do it on the account that was frozen. I just wanted a couple questions answered after they told me these things. I didn't need this treatment. After all the years, of time and oh yeah money! being a good little SL resident to be treated in this matter made me want to toss in the towel. I have called for support over the years and normally only when I have a major issue that i need help with. I have in the past been treated with respect and if in their power to help me they did so right away or told me what I needed to get help. If with this cut back on people going from 24 hour support to 8-5 slt you can't even keep the level of respect for your customers without putting them down. I see you having to cut a lot more services and raising prices because there will be no one left to pay the high tier fees. I had a wonderful friend help me out that day and I thank her kindly. Something really needs to be done about the attitude of the support and I remember years ago when I did tech support for Yahoo I would of been fired in a sec with the words and attitude he gave me. I try to be nice to tech people because of my past experience working in the field., ok this is the much as I ever wrote in then blogs just find it ironic that a week after making that call i see a post for better support. /endrant
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