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  1. ok, so i go to preferences to turn my voice chat on (i have checked the forums with the wiki page, and it doesnt work so DO NOT POST IT HERE) and and it says voice chat not available, so i go to another region. "voice chat not available" another: "voice chat not available" and so on... but when i go to the land information, it says it allows voice chat. i have used voice chat for very long and was using it earlier in the same session of playing that i had when voice chat wouldnt work. to clarify: i used voice chat much before with no problems                i used voice chat when playing secondlife today                i did not exit secondlife                i turned voice chat of for a couple minutes                i tried to turn it back on in the same region                it would not work                i went into preferences and checked if it was set up                everything was greyed out and it said "voice chat not available"                i go to the land information and it says voice chat is allowed. anyone got any ideas? (NOT THE WIKI!!!!!)
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